Online Dating, Competitive Dog Sport, and A Raisin In The Sun

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Feb 14

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Tomales is the place to learn about publishing a children’s book!

THU  |  Feb 15

8 AM “Pieces of Peace” Bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Robert Clancy, discusses his new book “Soul Cyphers”.
9 AM “Art Scenes” A New Marin County Cultural Organization will be our featured guest.
9:30 AM “Right Now” Post-Valentine’s Day Special: Finding love online.

FRI  |  Feb 16

4 PM “The French Touch” More French love songs, with Emmanuel.
7 PM “Bring It On Home” Hail Hail Rock and Roll! Grab your sweetie, turn up the volume and let it rock.

SAT  |  Feb 17

6 PM “Celtic Universe” Don’t miss Ken Eichstaedt’s selection of traditional tunes.

SUN  |  Feb 18

8 PM “Rock of Ages” Sixties deep tracks, and singer-songwriter Jaden Chu.
10 PM “LA Theatre Works” Ethical and cultural debate for Black History Month: A Raisin In The Sun

MON  |  Feb 19

5 PM “Epicenter” Herb Kutchins takes on local politics and important issues.

TUE  |  Feb 20

2 PM “Desde La Bahia” Tuesday afternoon groovy mix with Maria Marquez.

WED  |  Feb 21

9 AM “Off Leash” All about the competitive Dog Sport known as Scenting or Nosework.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Music of the Harlem Renaissance, and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”: An American Patchwork Quilt.