Never Bored!

One thing I can say with confidence is that my job at KWMR is never, ever boring. It’s not a cliffhanger, or full of drama, but it is interesting and engaging. Equipment on the top of ridges, more equipment wired together to make us sound good, and lots and lots of fascinating people!

The new broadcast console installation went smoothly and 98% on schedule – which is pretty dang good. We are up and running and the volunteer programmers are taking to the subtle changes like the champions that they are! And the audio actually SOUNDS better, folks are even noticing on car stereos.

KWMR is fundraising to cover the expenses of the project. We are grateful for the financial support from the West Marin Fund and the Marin County Emergency Preparedness program, but we have a ways to go. Donate HERE.

Programmers are taking to the new equipment and picking up the subtle differences between the old and new console quickly. Ever since we replaced the carpet at KWMR two years there has been a desire to clean up the cover on the counter where the console sits. That has now been done – thank you Ken’s Carpets for the donation of material. This project is the largest upgrade of KWMR equipment since 2007 when the radio began broadcasting 24/7 using the automation system.

This project ensures that KWMR has a reliable console from which to bring the community music, talk, new and information and a bonus is that it just sounds great!

A huge thank you to Bill Ruck, Kris Wiskes, Robert Eichstaedt, Richard Dillman and Ian McMurray. The core team of planners and installers. And one person who has been a stalwart support throughout the entire process and beyond, assisting with all the training is Gregory DeMascio! I feel fortunate to have worked with each of these people.

On other matters: Tonight there is a community cafe that engages the community about how we can all better support the youth in our community. Join the West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youth (WMCHY) at the West Marin School old gym and be part of the solution. The event is 5pm – 7pm.

And Sweethearts of the Radio tickets are selling well. Have you gotten your yet? Do so HERE. $20 at the door and the seats are 2/3 sold!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

P.S. Get your tickets to Sweethearts of the Radio – it’s going to be another wonderful evening of music on February 10! See YOU there!

Top photo: Paul Reffell, Charles Schultz and Shelly Rugg using the new console on “Let’s Talk.” Credit Amanda Eichstaedt