Therapy Horses, Chronic Pain, and Rockers Who Dared To Disco

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Jan 24

9 AM “Off Leash” Trauma horses that have a special ability to help people work through emotional barriers.
2 PM
“Classical Wednesday” With a deep feature of Mozart.

THU  |  Jan 25

4 PM “TeaTime Books” Howard and Mimi’s tandem reading is a KWMR tradition.

FRI  |  Jan 26

11 AM “Reveal” Today’s topic is #MeToo: Rape on the Night Shift.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Facts and Fake News, Part II.
2 PM “Classical Friday: The French Connection” With Francœur, Milhaud, Ibert, Ravel, and Satie — followed by French pop music at 4 PM.

SAT  |  Jan 27

2 PM “The Scoring Stage” Don’t miss KWMR’s award-winning film score host, Susan Lockwood!

SUN  |  Jan 28

4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” Serge Martial of Rue ’66 will join Emmanuel for a review of 60’s Yé-yé.
8 PM “Rock of Ages” Sixties deep tracks, and singer-songwriter Pi Jacobs.

MON  |  Jan 29

12 PM FOODIE SPECIAL “Delicious Revolution” runs back-to-back with “Milk Street Radio.”

TUE  |  Jan 30

10 PM “After Dark” From the best of vault… Dr. Decibel presents: The Rockers who Dared to Disco!

WED  |  Jan 31

8 AM SPECIAL Gender expectations on children, through conversation, poetry, music.
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad”  Dolor Crónico: Tratamiento sin Adicción a Medicamentos / Chronic Pain.