Woodwinds, Women at Work, and Nouveau Soul

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Jan 17

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Carolyn Longstreth from the WM Electioneers on canvassing.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” The Anatomy of Melancholy, Part I: The Tears of Penelope.

5 PM “Epicenter” This year’s rampant flu virus: is it worse than usual?

THU  |  Jan 18

11 PM “Under the Needle” A live set of nouveau-soul from Moses Sumney.

FRI  |  Jan 19

9 AM “Speaking of Women” Our own Dr. Joe Blumenthal discusses cardiac health in women.
11 AM “Alternative Radio” Julian Assange: Facts and Fake News, Part I.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Woodwinds: clarinet, oboe, bassoon, chalumeau & more.
4 PM “The French Touch” Tribute to yé-yé idol France Gall with host Emmanuel.

SAT  |  Jan 20

6 PM “The Celtic Universe” Harmony singing with Celia Ramsay and Libby McLaren, in-studio!
8 PM “The Jazz Groove” Join new host Marc Matheson in a celebration of women in jazz.

SUN  |  Jan 21

8 PM “Rock of Ages” Sixties deep tracks, and singer-songwriter Dore Coller.

MON  |  Jan 22

6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Ease into the evening with sweet tunes from Will Minor.

TUE  |  Jan 23

1 PM “Inflection Point” Workplace and industry advice from women.

WED  |  Jan 24

2 PM “Classical Wednesday” With a deep feature of Mozart.