Under Milk Wood, Yes, a Christmas Special, and Spineless Jellyfish

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Dec 13

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Roddey Reid on confronting political bullying. Fish Tales at 9:30!
9 AM “Off Leash” Compassionate coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy.
5 PM “Epicenter” After a whirlwind year, the Coastal Health Alliance reflects on changes to local and national healthcare.

THU  |  Dec 14

5 PM “Epicenter” Don’t miss the weekly digest of West Marin news, hot off the Point Reyes Light presses.
11 PM “Under The Needle” Live set from rock outfit Lo Tom, beamed straight from KEXP.

FRI    |  Dec 15

10 AM “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight” Janet Robbins reading “The Chateau of Prince Polignac” by Trollope.
11 AM “Reveal” Institutions of Higher Earning: Obstacles students face.
4 PM “The French Touch” More romance, more Johnny and a little bit of noël with Emmanuel.

SAT   |  Dec 16

7 AM “Morning Glory” Classical music at dawn.

SUN  |  Dec 17

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” A brand-new production of Under Milk Wood, the famed final work by Dylan Thomas.

MON |  Dec 18

5 PM “Epicenter” Mark Switzer on the future of the Point Reyes Commons.

TUE   |  Dec 19

10 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” 10:30 am. Multicultural stories for young readers by Pam Muñoz Ryan.
10 PM “After Dark” Dr. Decibel’s Christmas Special! This won’t be what your mother will be playing for Christmas….

WED  |  Dec 20

10 AM “Turning Pages: Waves of Joy” Spineless: The Science of Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone. “If you cherish the sea, if you care about the environment, if you relish life on this sweet, blue planet, you will love this book.”