What the shuck?

With all the hullabaloo of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, it’s getting on my nerves like Christmas decorations on November 1st. But I’m always game for a good pun, delicious food and the company of cool people. This will happen on Saturday, December 2nd at Hog Island – Marshall, San Francisco and Napa Oyster Bars, and at Tony’s in Marshall. A portion of the proceeds go towards supporting employee-chosen non-profits and KWMR was chosen this year as one of them!

Hog Island “Giving a shuck for community,” is an opportunity to “give back.” This is a very cool idea since it allows people to do something that they might already have been planning to do, or inspires a new outing, while supporting causes that are important to the business – and YOU! (I mean, why else would you be getting this newsletter.)

KWMR has benefitted from these give back events with other businesses including Lagunitas Brewing Company, Iron Springs Brewery and Saltwater Oyster Depot. We are so grateful for their, and your support, and look forward to seeing you and yours in Marshall this weekend!


Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.p.s. We hope you will consider joining us for the Quartet San Francisco House Concert and the It’s a Wonderful Life Radio Play! And please get out and eat lots of yummy oysters on December 2nd at Hog Island!