Does it ever slow down?

With the pledge drive under our belts, and shorter days, we are heading towards the holidays, one would think that things would slow down. Nope. Things never really slow down here at KWMR, and if we think that things are slowing down, we are just fooling ourselves.

End of Calendar year stuff now looms. And now is the time for the annual audit and tax return prep – now THAT is some fun! KWMR staff will agree, I’m sure, that these activities can be “mood altering” for their generally cheery coworker. I can assure you that while I can prepare a budget and keep expenses in control, I am not one to gravitate to numbers tasks for “fun.” Thankfully our bookkeeper, auditor and tax accountant are really great folks and they love numbers!

I dreamed last night that despite the “fall back” of daylight saving time (DST) that someone had figured out that all would be “right in the world” if we adjusted another 6 – 9 minutes in a particular direction on a specific day. We were awaiting the final instructions. Meantime, I was wondering what havoc this would wreak on our IT systems. But for all to be “right in the world,” I would take that chance.

Check out the events coming up below including Quartet San Francisco at a private home with a delicious dinner, A Radio Play “It’s a Wonderful Life” that won’t be on the radio – you must come see it in person! Also the intergalactically famous “McQuilkin Family Music Hour” is coming up on Saturday, December 16 and if you haven’t caught up with these San Geronimo Valley singers and musicians, then you are missing out! Bring a tissue, I have been brought to tears by the sheer loveliness of it – not kidding.

If you pledged for a premium during the pledge drive and you live locally, we have your schwag here (awaiting the Happy Hour T-shirts that are on order). So swing by and grab your mug, bandana or Eton radio. If you live further afield, we have mailed your items and we thank each and every one of you for your generous support of KWMR!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. All was right in the world on Halloween when the Man with the Yellow Hat took to the airwaves with local trick or treaters in a hauntingly decorated radio station. Thank you Gus Conde and Rick Clark!

Photo credit: Amanda Eichstaedt