Algiers, Midterm Elections, and Making It Work in West Marin

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

WED  |  Nov 8  

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library happenings, midterm elections, trash and Fish Tales.

THU  |  Nov 9

8 AM “Pieces of Peace” The art of “Food Recovery” in Marin.
9:30 AM “Right Now” In dancer/choreographer Kristin Denehy’s resume: JLo, N’SYNC, Britney!
11 PM “Under the Needle” Fresh set from goth-electro-soul outfit Algiers.

FRI    |  Nov 10

4 PM “The French Touch” French pop music with the unmistakable Emmanuel.

SAT   |  Nov 11

2 PM “The Scoring Stage” Take a trip into the world of soundtracks for the screen.

SUN  |  Nov 12

10 PM “LA Theatre Works” A battle for the ultimate double-cross in Mizlansky Zilinsky.

MON |  Nov 13

5 PM “Epicenter” KWMR mini-series Making it Work, Part 1: Keeping youth engaged and growing in West Marin.
6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Crooked Jades join Will Minor on the foggy ridge!

TUE   |  Nov 14

5 PM “Epicenter” KWMR mini-series Making it Work, Part 2: Living in West Marin while Latino: perspectives and solutions.

WED  |  Nov 15

8:30 AM “Swimming Upstream” Irish Greg and his 52 marathons on KWMR!
5 PM “Epicenter” KWMR mini-series Making it Work, Part 3: The challenges to starting and keeping a small business in West Marin.