Saving horses, healing a mass shooting, and anger as a power

Out upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

Wednesday, Jul 19

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” with guest host Jaime Crespo. Libraries, weather, the Parachute Days crew, Trash to Treasure lost and found and of course Dave Cook’s run down on all things delicious.

Thursday, Jul 20

8 AM “Pieces of Peace” Executive Director of San Rafael’s The Spahr Center, Jennifer Malone, returns to discuss both San Francisco’s 2017 Gay Pride Parade and the AIDS Walk. Also, Letitia Rogers, Regional Director, Western US, of Music and Memory, will discuss her work that brings music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life.

9 AM NEW SHOW “Art Scenes” premiere program, with host Creta Pullen. Guest will be Erma Murphy, Director of Programs and Outreach for the O’Hanlon Gallery in Mill Valley + what’s hopping on the Art Scene.

9:30 AM SPECIAL From With Good Reason: “Are Our Pets Making Us Sick?” Can the notorious brain-hijacking parasite “toxoplasma” affect humans? Plus — is there a vaccine against Lyme Disease for humans in the pipeline? 

10 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” Mesa Refuge Writers Retreat residents from UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center. Levi Bridges will produce radio for “The World” focusing on immigration in southern Mexico. Andrea Lampros, communications director for HRC, will describe the new open source investigations lab launched at HRC, which uses tech tools to verify and document human rights violations.

Friday, Jul 21

9 AM “Speaking of Women” Lauren Metelski, Health Education Nurse Manager at the Lupus Foundation of America will discuss types of lupus, and why they are more common in women. Signs, symptoms, treatment and management will also be presented. 

11 AM “Reveal” No Place to Run. Kids by the thousands are adrift in Texas’ foster care system, and they often end up on the street where sex traffickers exploit them. In Minnesota, police are taking a different approach to fighting sex trafficking, treating young prostitutes as victims instead of as criminals.

1 PM “Nonviolence Radio” Is anger a problem or a power? Nonviolence Radio speaks with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, about nonviolence, anger, and lessons from his grandfather with a contemporary lens. Plus catch up with Michael Nagler’s inspiring and informative segment, Nonviolence in the News.

4 PM “The French Touch” We will meet author Renate Stendhal live, speaking about her new memoir “Kiss Me Again, Paris,” with of course lots of French pop music. Follow on Twitter @csibon and contact for details and requests.

Saturday, Jul 22

9 AM “The Vicarious Traveler” With Doro Lohmann of Silent Voices Equine Rescue. Silent Voices was founded with a vision to prevent abuse to horses through education and support to horse owners and local law enforcement. 

11 AM SPECIAL “Non-Violence Radio” rebroadcast. Guest Mary Hanna of Meta Peace Teams on training for non-violence.

11:30 AM SPECIAL Healing in an Era of Mass Shootings.” Journalist Tom Kapsidelis talks with survivors of the Virginia Tech shooting for his book, Higher Aim: Guns, Safety and Healing in the Era of Mass Shootings.

Sunday, Jul 23

6 PM “Between Rock and a Jazz Place” Danny Click, guitar slinger and singer songwriter, will be returning as Grey’s guest during the first part of the show. The last part of the show will be a collection of inventive cover tunes you might not recognize…

Monday, Jul 24

1 PM “Post-Carbon Radio” Archives: Emerging New Technologies. Synthetic Biology & Gene Drives – Should We Be Concerned?

6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Will Minor welcomes local fiddler David Pascoe.

Tuesday, Jul 25

10 PM “Left of the Dial” Get it on with Dr. Eclectrick: it’s two hours of vintage disco and straight ahead rock n’ roll.

Wednesday, Jul 26

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” With guest host, Katie Eberle. We catch up on all things library and weather, talk to the sheriff, laugh and learn about pets, and top it off with food talk and culinary exploits.