Chipping Away…

Question: “Amanda, what percentage of your job would you say is fundraising?”
Answer: “About 150%.”

While KWMR has not grown over the past ten years – same offices, same staff hours, a few more programmers, we are trying hard to work smarter. Using technology more wisely and utilizing more than 4% of the available software capabilities (my sarcastic estimate). Taking advantage of additional ways to “get the word out,” including social media along with the airwaves. Providing support that programmers need by ramping up communication with our volunteers, etc.

This is because we have a great team at KWMR. Very low turnover in the staff facilitates honing our skills working together. We generally “work to each person’s strengths.” An example is the Round Up. It’s a team effort, and now links back to the website for the Highlights and Featured Archives.

You all know we have pledge drives to raise operational funding, and you generously contribute during those on-air drives, and for that we thank you! Pledge Drives raise about 25% of our overall operational budget. Ad in the Calendar Club (a great way to support KWMR), membership renewals and other donations (mailed appeals) and that goes brings us to 50%. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting brings in another 25%, which leaves 25% remaining raised by Underwriting, Events, vehicle donations, and the occasional bank robbery (just kidding – wanted to be sure you were paying attention). Please note that the annual budget is just under $400,000.

This summer we are trying a combination of things to bring in the revenue necessary for us to keep things rolling along at KWMR. We had a successful golf tournament, a fun birthday party, and we supported the Sonoma Mountain Music Festival. Coming up we have a few dates for you to save:

  • A 4-day on-air fundraising drive (August 10-21). National Radio Day is Sunday, August 20th!
  • A fundraising dinner at Saltwater Oyster Depot on Tuesday, August 22nd 
  • A Give Back Tuesday evening at Iron Springs on Tuesday, August 29th.

Not a day goes by when I am not pondering where the next dollar will come from. I don’t obsess, and I have not lost sleep in several years, but it’s sort of like one of those hamster wheels. At least I’m getting good exercise.

Our goal is to make our survival fun for us, and for you! We want you to appreciate what we do because our programming is top notch, homegrown and authentic. We provide you with updates when we have them on traffic and other incidents that effect the community. You can bring your ideas to these airwaves. Your feedback, crowd-based editing and encouragement, are all welcome at any time.

Hope to see you soon! Your CONTRIBUTION can be made now, if you are feeling it.

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. KWMR throws some really fun parties.

p.p.s. Like what you are hearing on KWMR? Tip the show! Our volunteer programmers LOVE to hear when you have supported the station on behalf of their hard work!