When I first moved to West Marin (Ken was returning) in 2004 we took possession of the property in October. I’m not sure if a lot of trimming back had taken place the previous spring, but it was in “wild English garden” mode.

A dear former coworker mentioned to me that she had an old college pal that lived in Inverness, and she very much wanted us to meet. We were beginning work on the place when up rolled our friend and her local college pal.

“Lovely garden,” she said, or something equivalent, “and you better start cutting this stuff down.” All these lovely plants and she was recommending hacking them. She went on, “Do you have power tools? You are going to need them.” I asked if she was a gardener. “Nope, I just pretty much cut stuff back.”

Not long after, I received an invitation to join the Inverness Garden Club, on the recommendation of my new local friend. One thing I learned is that you do not need to be a gardener to participate in the local garden club. In fact, they grow more prepared college students then plants some years, thanks to the generous scholarship program.

With the heavy winter rains, and the more recent showers, vegetation is busting out! Have you checked out this years’ poison ivy crop – outstanding! Regardless if you need the space walking your garden paths, it’s a good idea to seriously consider the defensible space around our homes. The grasses turned brown in minutes this spring and the fuel load in West Marin is heavy.

As many of you know, KWMR regularly reports out on incidents that effect traffic, and wildland fires can close roads, and do much much more damage. Take a good look at your residence and check out This Guide to Fire Safe Practices, whether you are a renter or home owner.

Might be time to get out the pruners! Be fire safe!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. And don’t prune  KWMR’s birthday party on June 26 of your dance card! It’s gonna be fun!

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