Another Wonderful EMHO Evening

It was a night to remember: many thanks to everyone who joined us for another Eat My Heart Out Supperclub at the Peace Barn in Bolinas, listening to live storytellers and dining on Chef Matt Elias’s creations. KWMR thanks all our volunteers and coordinators who made the evening possible. The stories from Mia Johnson, Mark Buell, Neshama Franklin, Frances McDormand, and Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez left us laughing, wide-eyed, and in wonder.

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Flower arrangements by Gail Graham graced each of the tables

Menus for the evening were printed at Ink.Paper.Plate in Point Reyes

Chef Matt Elias of The Bodega gets in the groove

Susie Buell and Station Manager Amanda Eichstaedt welcome the crowd

Lyons Filmer, Program Director, was master of the mic

Mia Johnson leads the evening with the first story

Mark Buell and his story-enhancing prop

Neshama Franklin relishing every word

Frances McDormand cracks a joke for the crowd

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez getting caught by the cops

Here’s to a great night! Photos by Katie Eberle

Point Reyes Vineyards proudly supporting

Stories around every bend

Event big wigs: Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez, Fletcher, Mark Buell, Amanda Eichstaedt, and Aggie Murch

Photos by Gail Graham

Chef Matt Elias gives us a grin

Laine Ayre, organizer extraordinaire, readying for the feast

DJ Barbarella, aka Katie Eberle, running sound production.

Photos by Mia Johnson