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Roundup: “Holding Down the Fort”


Tuesday June 18, 2024
From the less messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

When the cat’s away (note from Amanda)

Do the mice really play? I just hope that they are not chewing on parts of my car worth lots of money. This week you will hear from Jeff Manson, KWMR’s Program Director has some insights and happenings to share with Round Up readers.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

Holding Down the Fort (By Jeff Manson)

Not sure if I’m the mouse or the cat in this scenario, but as usual, there’s plenty of playing going on these days at KWMR; playing music, playing with words, playfully navigating the issues that matter to us in West Marin. 

Indeed, the magic of KWMR happens in small playful moments, and here are a few that have stood out to me as extra magical lately: 

On Sunday night, DJ Olright welcomed his legendary father Ron, lifelong Bolinas local, volunteer firefighter, collector, artist and former Bolinas-Stinson school shop teacher onto the airwaves to pontificate abstractly while Olright dropped some of his inimitable dope beats on a special, very tender Father’s Day edition of PickNPull

On Monday, Mia Johnson-Martinez hosted some of the cast of “La Vida Es Sueño,” as well as members of the Latino Photography Project for a fun bilingual Encuentro Latino, where everyone was playfully getting out of their comfort zones, linguistically-speaking. 

Friday night’s Chockablock was particularly playful, as was Wednesday’s Cute Radio along with so many other great programs that our community is serving up these days. As Program Director, my job is so much more interesting when we’ve got real communtiy radio happening, and I’m grateful everyday I tune in. 

And, there’s more! The image above is an ongoing list of programs in the works, some of which are off the ground and running, others in training and still others that are just a glimmer in our collective eye, thus far. Stay tuned! and if you are interested in getting on the airwaves, reach out to me [email protected] There are many ways to participate and we want YOUR voice. 

Happy Summer, 


4:00pm - 5:00pm
Les eaux de Mars
Stacey Kent