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Roundup: “Western Weekend Highlights!”


Tuesday June 4, 2024
From the less messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Western Weekend Fun!

It was a cold and windy day. No, really, it was pretty dang cold and breezy when I headed up to Point Reyes Station on Sunday, June 2nd. 52 degrees is what the car’s dash thermometer read when I rolled onto Main Street. 

Well, the sun did finally poke through just before noon. The cow mooed, the rooster crowed, and the parade started. It was a big parade this year! And in the end I even had a little sunburn where my radio, that was clipped to my shirt dragged it down out of the sunblock zone.

Jason Miller, Lucy Vitali, Michael Neuman, and Emmanuel rocking the letters. photo. Michelle Walker

The parade was exceptionally full of well crafted floats, emergency vehicles, relevant local groups, groovin’ tunes, and even cows with glitter! They did not specifically get an award, but the Point Reyes Rancher’s Association did, so I guess those glittery bovines were covered. Those were some darned good looking cows (or maybe they were bulls, sorry if I called that wrong).

Tess Elliott will have a full breakdown of the award winners in the Point Reyes Light this week, so I’m not going to attempt to pretend to be the all-knowing sage of 4H and parade entry winners. I do know that the West Marin School Wildcat Samba Band took the top prize. Congratulations to them!

I am guessing that the Tomales High School Class of 2025 and the Farm Bureau did well with their tacos and chicken since the lines were clear across to the Western! The expanded chili and chili dog booth from West Marin Rotary fir the bill for my lunch!

Jeff Manson, James Mohri, and Amanda Eichstaedt. photo: Mia Johnson-Martinez

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Chris Giacomini and his family for their gracious hosting of so many parts of this event, including the West Marin Fair, the Artist’s in the Schools gallery show, the food and non-profit’s in the parking lot and yard, the Rotary chili out front, the use of the truck for the remote and the judges. Without Toby’s things would be pretty bleak, dontcha think? They even hung the banner on the building this year. Thank you Chris!!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Be sure to grab a Point Reyes Light to get all the deets. 

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An Infinitive Number Of Monkeys
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