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Roundup: “KWMR Day!”


Tuesday April 16, 2024
From the less messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

We are resolute!

Today, along with a long list of luminaries on the Consent Agenda at the Marin County Board of Supervisor’s meeting, KWMR got celebrated for our 25th Anniversary! I drove over to Big Pink (Marin County Civic Center) and hunkered in the chambers while the proceedings proceeded. I waited for the right time, and then went up and made some brief comments. Mostly I thanked those people who back in the mid 1990’s thought it would be a good idea to pursue starting a radio station in West Marin. And many of them are still around and some are still doing shows on KWMR! Read the resolution HERE.

And I also invited everyone paying attention to attend our Birthday Celebration on May 2nd! There is so much going on, so just check out the link and find something that interests you. There is truly, something for everyone!

While I was there I spied many people that I have worked with in partnership at the County, and many I have interviewed, including our District Four Supervisor, Dennis Rodoni, Max Korten, Director of Marin County Parks, Jason Weber who is the Chief of the Marin County Fire Department, and Dana Armanino from the County Sustainability Team. I also saw Public Information Officer Brent Ainsworth and got to say hello to him. 

Here I am in the halo-making lighting at Civic Center with the KWMR Resolution. photo: Will Bartlett with some touch up by Mia Johnson-Martinez.

We are resolute here at KWMR. I would say we re marked by firm determination. And we tend to bold, but maybe not steady all the time. I think folks appreciate a little wobbly radio in this day and age. I know that I do! Our 101 volunteers definitely keep it real!

The Birthday Boy!  photo: A Eichstaedt

Today I went to get the mail and in my box was a birthday card for Waylon! It was addressed to my home street address (and we all know what the means for a letter in West Marin….). But some nice postal worker put it into my KWMR box. And today is Waylon’s Birthday!! He is six years old and doing great post-training. He’s the bestest boy ever! We wish his 8 other litter mates a happy day, too. 

Get ready for some serious KWMR fun coming right up. The programmers are amped for their Pledge Drive shows, and we are psyched for the Dine Out nights at many of our local restaurants (more details to be found HERE, and check back since we will update it as conditions change). 

It’s been a great day! I hope yours has been, too!!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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