Roundup: “The Return of Events!”


Tuesday March 19, 2024
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

What to wear…

During ye olde pandemic, it was easy enough to figure out what to wear. Sweatpants! The grey ones or the blue ones, hmmmm? Decisions, decisions! So regardless of your “style,” or in my case the lack thereof, there are some things coming up this spring which you can choose to dress up for, or not.

Picking out the perfect outfit.  photo: Pexels

As you are likely aware, unless you just woke up from a long sleep under a tree in a meadow (and lucky you, by the way) that KWMR is celebrating 25 years of existence as an FM broadcaster in West Marin.  And the actual anniversary day is  Thursday, May 2. 

And we have some fun things planned! And hopefully you can engage with us as much, or as little, in person (for reals) and virtually via the airwaves, as you wish. We will be producing lots of information about these happenings, but we wanted you, the readers of the Round Up, to get first crack at the information and to be able to put the things on your calendar that interest you most. It’s because we appreciate YOU!

We have a super special event for folks who choose to support KWMR at the $1000 level during our pledge drive. So if your budget is $1000 for the drive, you should reach out to us, even if you are not interested in throwing down challenge grants. Because those who support KWMR at that level during this special anniversary drive will be invited to a Private Tasting at Elk Fence Distillery.  And our own Shorty, of “Shorty’s Bunkhouse,” along with her business partner Scott Woodson will be giving a tour of the distillery, and Missy Will is preparing a special tasting event. So fill out the Challenge Grant form or email Amanda Eichstaedt.

You should know that even a $5 donation will move KWMR forward during our drive, and there are other fun ways to engage! Here are a few. And as always, we value our Calendar Club members every single day of the year!

  • KWMR tabling at the Point Reyes Farmer’s Market on Saturday, April 20th, Saturday, April 27th and Saturday, May 4.
  • Tabling at Toby’s Feed Barn with special slide show of KWMR history on Sunday, April 28th from 1-4 PM
  • A History and “Tech Talk” event with Transmitter Wrangler Richard Dillman at the Dance Palace Church Space from 5-7 PM on Thursday, May 2.
  • Zumba with Gina and Chrissy in the Dance Palace main space (all proceeds support KWMR) on Thursday, May 2nd from 6-7 PM.
  • Live music with Kevin Meade and Highway 1 at the Dance Palace from 7-8 PM on Thursday, May 2nd.
  • A live DJ Dance Party with Cute Radio (BianKa and SabreeN) from 8-10 PM on Thursday, May 2nd.
  • A guided bioluminescence kayaking tour with Blue Waters (Time TBD) on Thursday, May 2nd.
  • Dine Out for KWMR options with local restaurants (Stay Tuned for details)

With the exception of the Elk Fence tour and tasting event, the rest of these happenings are free and by donation! All of the stuff happening at the Dance Palace on May 2nd is the big partay (not a typo) that we hope you can attend. Come boogie down with us! The disco ball will be lit!

And as always, our super talented, gifted, engaged programmers, that serve as front-line stewards to this amazing community resource that we call KWMR, will be “killing it” with amazing programming throughout the drive, and before, and after!

Oh, and what to wear? How about your KWMR t-shirt! That one you have had for 20 or so years. Don’t have one? Well, get on over to the KWMR STORE and snag one. Order by April 1 to have it in time for the festivities. And for you, dear Round Up reader, a discount code (RoundUpReaders). Enter that for a 20% discount. Offer ends April 1 (no foolin’).

Cool new Anniversary design.  design: Alyssa Tanner

Coming Right Up! I know from an interview on this Countywide Test that West Marin sign ups are low (come on folks!!). Let’s get with the program! It’s not like we live in an area that is prone to flooding on a big earthquake fault or anything…

  • Countywide Alert Marin Test! Coming right up on Saturday, March 23. Are you registered? It’s easy. Go to Alert Marin and get in the game.

Amanda Eichstaedt

Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. There is still time to submit your funny/silly/heartfelt or otherwise KWMR story or photo or drawing to KWMR for the Zine. Send it to Jeff Manson by this Friday, March 22. It’s gonna be so great. He has gotten a lot of fantastic submissions!

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