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Roundup: “Participating with KWMR”


Tuesday March 5, 2024
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Silent Partners

I’m here to tell you that not everyone who is a participant with KWMR is heard on the airwaves. KWMR is sitting comfortably at 101 volunteer programmers on the roster right now, and if you have tuned in you have heard the many new and exciting programs that are broadcasting on the airwaves.

I am here to talk about a few folks who you may have never heard on the airwaves, but have had an impact on KWMR.

The first person is Jeff Wessner. I did not know Jeff really at all except to recognize him wheeling his way around town on his bike and knowing that he was a creative man that lived downtown. His son Billy and Billy’s two sons Max and Koa are faithful Calendar Club members, and Billy has helped hang the KWMR banner and is at the ready if we need assistance that is in his wheelhouse. I met Billy’s sister Jenny a few years back when she was here visiting and she judged the Western Weekend Parade. 

Something that you may not know is that Jeff Wessner, who passed away on February 18, 2024 designed and manufactured the countertop that is in KWMR’s Studio A. This counter holds our broadcast console and all four of the broadcast microphones. It works great and is a very sturdy counter. 

Jerry Lunsford (the Hippy from Olema) installing track lighting in Studio A. photo: ??

You can tell it’s sturdy and is of a unique shape in the photo above where Jerry Lunsford (no lightweight) is standing on it installing lighting in the studio before KWMR moved over from the Red (now green) Barn in 2001.

I have spent a lot of time sitting at this countertop and have to say that it works perfectly, even if it is a bit hard to figure out what exact shape it is to replace the covering. In fact, the wiggly part over in the corner is not really like that, it now has a straight edge, I’m not sure what the wiggles were for, but they are interesting. Thank you Jeff Wessner, for having a positive impact on your local radio station with this wonderful countertop! 

The next person that I want to recognize is Patsy Bannerman. Patsy passed away on February 12 at 90 years old. Patsy was extremely generous when KWMR originally took possession of the Communications Van and allowed the station to store the van at her place on the Point Reyes Mesa. Patsy was a loyal contributor to KWMR since 2003 and was happy to help out when KWMR needed some assistance and a temporary home for the van. Another community member who will be missed. I remember her as being wonderful to chat with when I had the opportunity.

There are events to celebrate both Jeff and Patsy’s lives coming up this week. You can read more about them in their obituaries in the Point Reyes Light.

There are many more folks that have lent their expertise, time, event venues, tech help, and other skills to the radio station (and likely other nonprofit organizations in our community) that are rarely recognized for their contributions. Many of them prefer it that way. I want to shout out and celebrate all the anonymous and “silent” partners to the valuable happenings in our community. Even if you don’t want to be recognized in “lights” or on the air, we thank you for your care of local resources.

Here is a cool drawing that Jeff Wessner did of the console counter. Pretty cool to see that it has become what he envisioned when he built it!

I will end this Round Up with a photo submitted by Michelle Davis that captures the natural beauty of our area and the possibilities of the beyond.

Rainbow at South Beach.   photo: Michelle Davis

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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