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Roundup: “Prefrontal Cortex Maturity”


Tuesday Feb 27, 2024
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt


When I was 25 years old I finally graduated from college with my undergraduate degree in “University Studies.” They say that when you are 25 your prefrontal cortex is finally developed and I got smart and said, “Why am I still in college?” I figured out I could graduate with enough upper division credits and English 102, and I was OUT OF THERE. 

Why are we capable of doing things that are difficult, of making choices to go the hard route or the extra mile? Much of this ability can be attributed to the bulk of the frontal cortex in an area known as the prefrontal cortex (PFC). One of the last places in the brain to mature, the prefrontal cortex is thought of as the “personality center” and is the cortical region that makes us uniquely human. It is where we process moment-to-moment input from our surroundings, compare that input to past experiences, and then react to them. It is where we manifest our insight, foresight, and planning capabilities into the actions that define who we are. -National Institute of Health

Why does this matter to you? Well, KWMR is turning 25 on May 2nd. KWMR Is not a person, per se, but I would wager that as an organization, the radio station and its collection of staff, volunteers, founders, listeners, etc., has learned a few things over the past quarter of a century. And we are planning some fun events, including Dine Out nights, a community party, and your ability to host your own KWMR Birthday party! More details coming soon.

While not the longest standing not for profit organization locally, or even regionally the longest standing radio station, it’s still a big darn deal! It has been really fun, and interesting to sift through the documents, board minutes, flyers, posters and handbills for events, photos and various artwork and ephemera from years gone by, not to mention the audio!

Poster/invite to KWMR’s opening day on FM!

Be sure to submit your photos, stories, musings for the KWMR Zine! Jeff is getting some great content! The deadline is March 15, so don’t be late!

I was recently at a social function where one of our regular listeners came up to me to discuss the programming. It is always such a pleasure when a listener knows the schedule almost as well as I do! They were really appreciative of all the new programming from nature sounds, new music shows, as well as some of our great morning programming. So, don’t take it from me, I’m totally biased, but take the lead from a long-time resident and local listener!!

So as the poster from 1999 states, “Turn It On. Tune It In. Join the Fun!” We thank each and every one of you or reading our newsletter, tuning into the programming, and for your support of KWMR!

And I understand we have another gully washer heading our way, so hunker, stay dry, and be sure to watch the progress of all the buds and blossoms and the bright green hills that surround us at this time of year!

Check out this “Silver Dollar Jukebox” poster from the good old days. It’s not only still on the air, but in the exact same rotation in the schedule!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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