“Catch A Little Raindrop”


Tuesday January 31st, 2024
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt


A pretty big storm system is heading towards the California coast. It’s the largest one this year so far, and soils are saturated. This means that creeks and rivers will rise more rapidly during heavy rainfall, and all of Marin’s reservoirs are spilling. Make sure you are prepared for a power outage, since this system will come with some heavy winds, and trees in saturated soils are more susceptible to falling. Got your crank or battery radio at the ready? KWMR will broadcast storm updates if things get gnarly. If it’s just heavy rain, be prepared to ride out the storm. To learn more about meteorology, you can listen to the archive of my “Epicenter” with Brian Garcia from the National Weather Service. Interesting stuff! Archive HERE.

Monday morning image of incoming storm system from   

While you are pondering the weather you might want to get your creative juices flowing and contribute to a unique art show organized by Susan Hayes. 

“The Rain Drop Project” grew out of an invitation from the art committee of the Dance Palace to create an exhibit in the lobby gallery during a very rainy period last spring. I had the idea of creating some sort of fiber installation. As I stood in the lobby pondering the question the answer came. Raindrops, all blue, and lots of them, made by some fashion from fiber, suspended from the rafters and created by our community. I hope you will consider joining us and West Marin School in creating a raindrop. All raindrops will be available for sale with proceeds benefiting the Dance Palace. More info HERE.  For inquiries and to sign up to participate please contact me via [email protected].  

What does a raindrop look like to you?    photo: Pexels

Jeff Manson is still taking submissions for the KWMR Zine. Read more about how to get your thought, doodle, or other KWMR ephemera into this cool publication in honor of KWMR’s 25th Anniversary coming up in May. 

KWMR is one of over 45 nonprofits to sign on to the Joint Equity Statement. Since then staff have participated with the Coalition for Equity and Justice which sponsored an anti-racists book club last year. It was a great experience and the book we read was Recovery From White Conditioning. The Coalition is hosting another round of the book club and will be exploring other books as well. This book club is open to all people who are interested and currently we are meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (1pm on Zoom, and 5 pm in person in the Olema Valley).  If you are interested in joining us (and if the groups get too big, we’ll split into smaller groups – and we are open to other dates/times). If you are interested in learning more, or have questions, send me an email! 

Do you need a KWMR bumper sticker to show off how proud you are of our little homegrown radio station? Email Amanda with your mailing address and she’ll send you one, or just swing by the station and pick one up!

Stay dry!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. NEW Show Alert! In fact there are four new shows hitting the airwaves at KWMR! They are all listed in the Highlights below. “Sincerely Radio,” “Local Locations,” Redwood Sideboard,” and Luddite Radio.” Welcome to the KWMR airwaves!

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