“Batten down the hatches”

Tuesday November 14, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Tut Tut

Not King Tut, but “Hmmm, it looks like it might rain!”

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington. It rained a lot when I was growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I had a cute little yellow slicker when I was a toddler, but after that, from what I remember, we just went out and walked around in the rain – no coat. Sure, you got damp but you would dry out eventually, or at least when summer arrived.

Rain didn’t cancel much. I can recall track meets in torrential downpours, or drizzles. We went out to recess in the rain, and occasionally when the teachers didn’t want to deal with hordes of wet kids, we got to go into the gym for recess.

Since then I have lived on the east coast (you can keep your icy puddles), the southwest where it rained seldomly, but when it did – look out! Gully washers. I ended up in California where people have a terrible time driving in the rain, and rain cancels almost everything. Yet it rains here quite a bit, and often very hard when it does so. I own more raincoats and umbrellas now then in my entire life!

Wednesday 4 PM! photo: Windy.com

Climate change is making weather patterns more unpredictable and in some cases, downright epic. The rainy season, we hope, starts about now and will run through the end of April with a good drenching or two in May. Then things dry up again.

Are you ready for the rainy season? Being ready is really about being practical. Put stuff you don’t want to get wet and blown around away for the winter. Check your tires on your vehicles, do they have enough tread? Drive cautiously, especially on newly wet roadways where oil residue has built up and can make traction even more tricky.

Got your emergency radio, flashlight and stash of batteries ready? Do you know who your Disaster Council rep is in your neighborhood? Do you have a plan in case you need to evacuate? 

Power outages are likely in any epic (or even not so epic) weather event in West Marin. If you can stay put during the most intense parts of a storm, that will keep the roads free for emergency vehicles, and likely keep you safer. Also, never drive into water if you do not know how deep it is. It doesn’t take much water, especially with a current, to sweep a vehicle into the flow. 

There are a host of resources at Ready Marin. You can also register for updates through Alert Marin. And here is where you can find specifics on West Marin resources. 

We are preparing for winter weather here at KWMR and will do our best to keep you updated during the coming storms.

Here is a hot tip from Alyssa Tanner, KWMR’s Development Director. If you want to order things from the KWMR store in time for holiday gift giving, you should order them by December 1st. If you pledged $20 or more during the fall Pledge Drive you have a coupon, and we hop you use it!

Thank you so much for your support!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. KWMR installed two brand new CD players. We hope this increases your listening pleasure.

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