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Tuesday October 17, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

It’s All In the Sauce

Last Wednesday night I got a text from Jeff Manson, KWMR’s Program Director (“West County Prowl,” “Curio Cabinet,” and “Epicenter”). He had managed to get himself locked inside our broadcast studio. The latch, which had been opened and closed by hundreds of programmers over the past 23 years (I’m guessing that is when that door was installed), finally ceased working. 

It’s a latch that doesn’t even lock, since you don’t want folks getting locked OR locking themselves into the studio. Thankfully, our Development Director, Alyssa Tanner (“Feel Like I Do” and “KWMR Sports Hour”) was here, and if you know Alyssa, you know how handy she is. She just took the door off to free Jeff.

By 5 PM Thursday, the door was rehung, by Ryan Hett (“Chockablock”) and Jeff (who also procured a brand new latch), so that Kerry Livingston (“Turning Pages for Children of All Ages”) could do her show. Howard Dillon (“Top of the Morning” and “Teatime Books”) was able to do his show with no door as we all crowded into Studio B aka “the situation room,” to come up with a plan to get things back to normal.

And not counting me, there are nine KWMR programs represented above in that tale of the trapped Program Director. 

What a great showing and crew!  photos: Mia Johnson and Alyssa Tanner

These photos are cute, but way too small. So HERE is a great way to view even more images of our beloved programmers!

I have to say, the KWMR Programmer community, present and retired, are some of the finest people that I know. Without these folks preparing, and then showing up to do their programs, KWMR would be pretty darn boring. This radio station is far from dull. Some people are just spicy, others savor the music that the play, others pepper their programs with interesting conversation. Some are salty, and some are sweet. Some programs leave an aftertaste that has you researching the content, leaving you wanting more information or tunes.

Sunday KWMR held a programmer gathering in Bolinas. It was well attended by both veteran and brand new programmers. It was the first such gathering in several years and good fun was had by all. Jeff Manson made a big pot of soup, and some cornbread made with corn he had grown in his garden. It was delicious. Other people brought things to share, and Betsy Nichols (“Foraging With Betsy Nichols”) made some cornbread with KWMR spelled out in scallions. Jeff set up a turntable and PA and folks brought records to play. It was a really fun time with folks putting faces to the voices that they hear on the airwaves.

Joe Blumenthal, Jeff Wilkinson, and Howard Dillon sporting the KWMR denim!  photo: AT

This Pledge Drive hopes to raise $50,000 to help keep KWMR running smoothly. That is about 1/4 of the KWMR overall budget. Please find your favorite show(s) HERE and make a contribution that will show programmers how much you appreciate what they do for our listeners. Leave a note, too. That is so much fun.

And be sure to tune in to veteran host David Cook’s “Fish Tales” on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM. While David has graced the airwaves with his cooking tips, trivia questions, and knowledge of all things culinary, he is now engineering for his own show for the first time. Go Dave!

And as I think of all of our programmers as the exquisite flavoring for all things KWMR, like a really tasty sauce that makes whatever it is poured on taste even better and keeps you wanting more.

And as David Cook likes to say, “It’s all in the sauce, and it’s all about love.” Show KWMR some love during this Fall Pledge Drive.

Thank you for your support, in advance. 

Pledge early and often…
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. HERE is the link to the audio from the October 7th “Just Action” book event from the Dance Palace with Leah Rothstein and Mary Morgan. The event was sponsored by Mainstreet Moms, Point Reyes Books, and KWMR. 

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