“Tell Me What You Want”

Tuesday September 26, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt


You could say that KWMR had sort of a mellow summer, but that would not be entirely true. A handful of brand new volunteer programmers joined the team and that kept Program Director, Jeff Manson hopping, getting folks trained up and ready to hit the airwaves. Alyssa Tanner and Mia Johnson both got married (no small task on the coordination front), while ensuring that their duties in development and digital communications kept rolling. Richard Dillman has been working hard to get KWMR’s transmission  infrastructure upgraded and in tip top shape. Ian McMurray and James Mohri have been documenting procedures and bomb-proofing the automation and scheduling systems. I have been mostly eating bonbons and filing my nails, while keeping the other administrative balls in the air. Y’all know how it works.

I know that I like specificity when someone asks me if I can do something to help. What time should I show up, what should I bring? What link do you want me to click on? How much money do you need from me? Then I can determine if I’m in a position to be of help. 

I like lending a hand. I like contributing within my means. I’m happy to be one of the people that rolls up my sleeves if I can’t write a huge check. I will make soup for you if you are ill and you need food. I can likely drive you to somewhere if it works for my schedule, etc. etc. And in almost every case, I do so because we have an established relationship as friends or colleagues. If we don’t have that relationship, then I doubt that you would ask me.

So here is where KWMR is going to get specific for you. I am going to assume that if you are reading this newsletter that you have a relationship with KWMR. You are a listener, or at least a newsletter reader. We hope that there is value in what you gain from KWMR. We make you laugh, we provide you with good information, we fill time in your day while you are driving or doing something else. A song on KWMR got you up dancing recently (or at least chair dancing). And you are relying on us being there for you in the event of an emergency. Blue text words are “live links.”

Here are the top five things that you can do for KWMR today.

  1. KWMR’s Pledge Drive is coming up October 16-29. Help us meet our goal by providing a challenge grant. These are made in $100 increments and help individual programs meet their goals, and thus KWMR meet our overall Pledge Drive goals. HERE is a link to help in this way. 
  2. Join KWMR’s Calendar Club. This monthly sustaining program helps us meet our ongoing expenses. We LOVE the Calendar Club. HERE is how you join. 
  3. If you have a business, become an Underwriter on KWMR. Your announcement will be read on the air and recorded for automation. KWMR listeners make great customers!
  4. Donate your vehicle to KWMR. KWMR received 43 donated vehicles so far this year (our fiscal year – October 1 – September 30). The average profit for KWMR from each vehicle was $844. Some brought in zero dollars (but the folks sill got rid of their rig) and other brought in a pretty penny. Thank you to all vehicle donors!
  5. Consider leaving a gift to KWMR for the future. Legacy giving is a great way to ensure that KWMR has a stable, financial future. 

Of course we hope that you continue to listen, read the newsletter, check out our fun content on social media, support your favorite shows during the pledge drives, and check out our growing selection of Youtube videos.

I posted a request for anyone interested in reviewing CDs for KWMR to give me a shout. Three different people have reached out so far! Thank you, I hope you enjoy it! There are other fun jobs at KWMR, some of which include categorizing and labeling some of the Undercurrents Radio CDs that were donated to the station. It’s pretty easy, and fun, and might expose you to some new tunes. If you are interested in these activities. Send me an email HERE.

I know I speak on behalf of the entire KWMR team, when I thank you for your care and attention to this amazing local resource!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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