Join the KWMR Community Advisory Board (CAB)

A New Way To Be Involved with KWMR!!

What’s that you say? You don’t “have a face for radio?” The thought of being on a microphone gives you the heebie jeebies? You don’t have a lot of spare time? Have I got an opportunity for you!

Here are the deets:

KWMR is building an all new Community Advisory Board. The only requirement is that you actually LISTEN to KWMR. You can listen on FM, stream the audio, or be an avid archive peruser. You can live in an area where you get the FM signal, or you can be anywhere that KWMR streams (which is pretty much anywhere). 

  • Only two meetings per year (January and July), via Zoom (you can use a computer or a telephone)
  • Fill out a short survey a week before the meeting and return it to KWMR.
  • Give your feedback on how things are going at KWMR.

You can do this for one year (2 meetings) or stay on longer.

We are hoping to get listeners from throughout the FM listening area and beyond. KWMR is required to have this body due to our funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We have had one for years. Pretty much a static group of excellent folks who have connections to KWMR. You don’t have to have a direct connection to KWMR. Some of these folks may stay involved.

But you need to listen to the station frequently so that you know what is going on over the airwaves. And if you read this newsletter, AND listen – EVEN BETTER!

Just fill out this form and I will get the information and I will be in touch with you. You can be young, or old, or in the middle. You can live here full or part time, or not even live here (as long as you listen). 

So, what do you say? Help us make this fun and worthwhile for KWMR, our listeners, and the communities that we serve. And if you have questions, send me an email, let’s chat about it! I get some great messages from listeners, and those are the folks that I’m interested in engaging with this fun project. 

Why just give lip service to something that should be a feedback loop, right? Let’s have a conversation about radio and the role of radio in the community for the listeners! I’ll be there, other staff members, and some board members will show up, and we can get down and really hear what folks have to share. We are working through some great perks for folks who participate!

Is there a deadline? You ask…. I would love to have all applications in to KWMR prior to Halloween, October 31. Thank you!

An old KWMR image created by Walt Stewart. This is where we got the zap logo!

And while the image in the photo above is an oldie and a goodie, it gets to the point of community radio. We even have a new signal since that was done, our 92.3 FM in the San Geronimo Valley. Now, don’t you all go and make this a digital “Who Concert” stampede, but think about signing on for this exciting new opportunity.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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