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“We Stomped!”


Tuesday May 23, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Are you going to show up?

Someone, actually it was Woody Allen (no comment) who said either 70%, 80%, or 90% (he has used all three) of success in life is just showing up. And show up we did, Ember Stomp! was super fun. Just the second year and a much expanded line up of vendors, community organizations, music, marching bands, food, and valuable information. We did not see a lot of West Marinites there, but when this happens again, I highly recommend a trip OTH to check it out. And it’s FREE! Lots of great resources at Firesafe Marin!

Seamus Tompkins in the KWMR booth (and CRT)    photo: AE

Speaking of showing up…. Are you planning to march with your peeps in the Western Weekend Parade? If so, you should send in your parade registration. You can download the form HERE, or go to Building Supply in Point Reyes Station and grab one. This is a good thing to do for several reasons. We will know that you are going to show up and will be able to say cogent and intelligent, well planned out things about your entry (since you will tell us about yourself). Another good reason to sign up is so that we can order the entries ahead of the parade. Thank you for your advanced planning.

This year we will have three announcers. Dolores Gonzalez will be joining the all-star line-up consisting of Matt Gallagher and Robert Cardwell. 

Western Weekend planning is going well. I want to recognize the team behind this and specifically acknowledge The Lions Club of West Marin for being the anchor for this longstanding (someone said 75 years) event. Rotary of West Marin, The County of Marin, Marin County Fire, The Office of the Marin County Sheriff, 4H, Future Farmer’s of America, Toby’s, The Farm Bureau, Tomales High School Class. of ’24, West Marin Commons, The Dance Palace, Bivalve Dairy, Lunny Paving and Grading, KWMR, Halleck Creek, Gallery Route One, West Marin Climate Action, The West Marin Children’s Choir and the Tomales Bay Sirens, and all of the parade entries! A special shout out to Eileen, Madeline, Rhonda, Chris, Mark, Regina, Angelo, Elizabeth, and Karen for their participation in weekly planning.

Let’s also hear it for the generous sponsors who make it all financially possible: Straus Family Creamery, Dixon Marine, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, Brickmaiden Breads, and Heidrun Meadery!

For stuff like Western Weekend, it really takes a village. As I was on my way to Ember Stomp on Saturday, I ran into Madeline and Billy putting up the Western Weekend banner. They needed a third set of hands. By the way, Madeline Hope is the Parade Grand Marshall this year! Big congratulations to Madeline for her many many years of dedicated community work!

A word from Waylon! 

Waylon.     photo: AE

It’s been a while and I wanted to let everyone know that I am now five years old. I’m still a puppy at heart. I don’t spend as much time being a radio dog as I used to now that my tall human works at home. But when I do get up to Point Reyes Station I like to visit with the lady who cuts hair and say hi to folks who come by KWMR. 

I wanted to warn everyone about how bad the ticks are this year. They are really really bad and when they get in my fur they are very annoying. Please use caution in grassy areas and do frequent “tick checks.” I appreciate all of the ticks that Amanda has picked off my fur. The other day a gopher ran up a road right in front of me and then scurried into the bushes when we were on a walk. I have never seen a gopher in the road before. Wow.

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the recent pledge drive, I know my humans were so happy to make the goal.

Have a great week!

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director 

p.s. Marin County has a survey out and they want everyone to participate. 

4:00pm - 5:00pm
Les eaux de Mars
Stacey Kent