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Tuesday April 25, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

We Always Get A Second Opinion

KWMR gets audited every year. Not by the IRS, but by an independent auditor. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting requires it. It’s like an annual physical for the radio station. We sign the letter of engagement in the fall, and then spend the following months responding to requests, complying with Prepared By Client lists, and running down all kinds of rabbit holes for our auditor. This is to make sure that KWMR’s books are squeaky clean. I actually really like the concept of the audit overall, and enjoy keeping things in order, but the minutia while it is ongoing can cause me some consternation. Thankfully there are rarely unexpected things that come up, and this year is no different.

We include the Audited Financials in our Annual Report which you can view HERE. It’s not a tomb, but a brief summary with links to pertinent documents that shed light on what is going on at KWMR. There are a few critical lists and also some fun quotes from our amazing Board of Directors.

Clockwise from top: Kerry Livingston, Betsy Nichols, Marlon Kasberg, and Nancy Vayhinger. photo: Mia Johnson, Mia Johnson leads out the KWMR parade crew. photo: Alyssa Tanner, Wayne York, Joe Blumenthal, and Howard Dillon in Wayne’s car. photo: Alyssa Tanner

While the KWMR staff has a lot of in-house graphic experience under their belts, we reach out to our go-to Graphic Artist, Jillian Moffett for this annual report. Thank you Jillian! Of course if you see anything that you have questions about, please let me know. Drop me an EMAIL

All the Eton Radios and the Steely KWMR Mugs are here! If you are making special trip to pick yours up, be sure to coordinate with us, so we can be sure that someone is here when you plan to come. We don’t want folks making a trip for naught. Generally someone is at KWMR, either in the upstairs office (main studio next to the Village Snipper) or down in our annex office around the corner on the north end of the building between 10 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday (but not always). 

If you head up to Marconi on Saturday for their Community Day, be sure to say hi to Alyssa and Jeff! Check out the amazing music offerings at the Mill Valley Music Festival coming up May 13 and 14. 

Thank you for your reading this, listening to KWMR, and being such great folks!

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director 

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Dave Alvin