“Survey Says…”

Tuesday April 11, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt


Hip Hip! We did it. And by we, I mean all of us including the donors, the volunteer programmers, the staff, and the Board. Big thank to the folks who provided Challenge Grants! They really help. It was a sustained two-week effort with some excellent programming and a live poetry event from the Western Saloon. 

Thanks to Jeff Manson, Ryan Hett, Grey Shepard, Neil Dickman – the banner hanging team. And thank you to Smiley’s Schooner Saloon and the Stinson Beach Market for hosting our banners. Alyssa Tanner coordinated the whole thing. She did a fantastic job. All those cool KWMR signs were designed by Alyssa, too. Mia Johnson kept the social media humming along, and Jeff made sure the programming was delicious.

The Eton radios are here. And the mugs should be here any day. If you pledged for a premium and are able to come to the station and pick it up, that would be great. Shipping stuff has become really expensive. If you live far away, we are more than happy to mail it to you, but for folks in Marin who might find themselves out in Point Reyes Station, let us know! There is generally someone at the station Monday through Friday from at least 10-4 PM. We are happy to make other arrangements if that works better for you.

The Steely’s mugs turned out great!   photo: John Borg

Two cool things to be aware of.

First is  the Multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.The folks at the Marin County Office of Emergency Management are rolling out an update of this plan to make sure that Marin County is in good steed to receive Federal Emergency Management Funding if we need it. We always hope we don’t need it, but if we do, we want to stay eligible. In addition, the County wants to track other hazards and they have a SURVEY for everyone to take. It’s quick and easy to fill out and will help inform the plan. I talked with Steven Torrence, the Director of OEM on Epicenter. You can listen HERE.

Secondly, I attended the talk with Archie Williams Journalism students and Evan Osnos, writer for the New Yorker last Saturday night at Archie Williams High School. It was a fundraiser for their Journalism Program (which is grown and very cool) and for the Lagunitas School 8th grade Civil Rights Trip. It was a great evening, but there were a lot of empty seats. If you feel moved to support the efforts to get the whole 8th grade class on their trip, you can contribute HERE (be sure to type in “8th grade civil rights trip.”) I will be attending the trip as a chaperone and collecting audio to make a piece for KWMR.

 Image of Edmund Pettus Bridge found on Jeff Bogle’s website.   

Thank you for your reading this, listening to KWMR, and being such great folks!

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director 

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