“24 Hours”

Tuesday January 24th, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

A Day

Each day is allotted 24 hours. It is interesting to ponder about what we cram into these units. Sleep, eating, staring into space, screen time, you fill in the blank. I am currently appreciating that the number of hours of daylight is slowly expanding. I am not a night person, unless sleeping is considered the prime activity. I am loving the earlier mornings when I can get out to walk with Waylon on our usual ramble.

I find that my days are pretty full, and I have a variety of interesting things to choose from in order to fill my work and leisure time. Work is satisfying and fulfilling and I thoroughly enjoy the people that I work with, and my interactions with all of our volunteers. Some I see regularly, as we pass one another during the working day, and others that I listen to on the evenings and weekends when I am tuned in to KWMR. 

The new shows I mentioned last week are populating the schedule. Be sure to check them out! 

Yesterday we learned of the passing of Bolinas musician Charlie Docherty. From his dear friend, KWMR Program Director, Jeff Manson.

“This week many in West Marin are grieving the sudden and unexpected death of Charlie Docherty of Bolinas, a stalwart local musician, artist and long-time KWMR programmer on Top of the Morning with Howard Dillon. 

Charlie was multi-talented, thoughtful and deeply loved by our community. He was such a regular, sturdy fixture in the local cultural landscape that one could, regrettably, almost take him for granted. His easygoing, kind presence will be deeply missed, around town and on the airwaves. I personally cherish the many opportunities I had to play music with Charlie on stage in Bolinas, or on KWMR, joyfully wading in the deep repertoire of folk and rock music that he had at his fingertips.  Like many, I benefitted and learned much from knowing him. There are lots of stories to tell, and if any of you want to reminisce with me, I’d love that. 

Sending love and condolences to his beloved wife Patrice, dear children Gregor, Brett, Candra, and the rest of the Docherty clan as they navigate this difficult time. “

Charlie Docherty in Studio A at KWMR.   photo: Jeff Manson

Love your people and hold them tight. Life is precious.

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director 

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