“Shouting Out”

1/18/2023 ‚ÄĒ

Tuesday January 17th, 2023
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Hello Sunshine!

Red in the morning, sailors take warning! January 12. No kidding!  photo: Amanda E.
It’s nice to see the sun. It’s also nice to see how happy all of the plants are to have a big drink of water. Daffodils are growing at the end of my driveway.¬†

But before this past two weeks of “a parade of atmospheric rivers” blasted California is just a fading memory, I want to be sure to express my sincere gratitude for some groups of people, as well as to some individuals. I know well that having existing relationships with partner organizations and those in local agencies makes a difference. Boy howdy does it make a difference.

Big props to Captain Ben Ghisletta from the Marin County Fire Department for keeping KWMR, and thus KWMR listeners in the loop with up to date road closures, and weather warnings. This was extremely helpful when roads were being closed, and importantly, when they were reopened. Ben also shared KWMR contact information with his fellow MCFD colleagues, and they too, kept KWMR informed. 

Thank you. Marin County Department of Public Works road crews for getting to where you needed to be to back up first responders, close flooded roads, and remove mud slides and debris flows from the roadways. Thank you PG&E line crews for anticipating the issues (well, maybe not all of them) and being ready to go out in the driving rain to fix downed lines.

Thank you residents of West Marin who stayed off the roads, reducing the likelihood that you might find yourself in a jam that first responders might have needed to deal with. This left those precious resources for protecting lives and property. 

Thank you to intrepid staff that were at the ready to do whatever needed to be done, in addition to their normal job duties. And to our volunteer programmers who decided to not risk it by coming in when conditions were unsafe. And then thank you to Ian McMurray our IT guy for having good stuff in our automation. To Mia Johnson for making it possible for other staff to get social media announcements out when she was unable to do so. To Richard Dillman for holding down his base on the Inverness Ridge and wearing a West Marin Disaster Council, and KWMR hat the whole time. Must be a pretty cool hat.

Alyssa Tanner was away during the storm, avoiding almost all local rainfall, but before she headed out she successfully ran KWMR’s end of year fundraising campaign. KWMR thanks each and every one of you who contributed. We also thank and are endlessly grateful for all of our Calendar Club members.

And don’t think that Jeff Manson, KWMR’s Program Director was not busy. He was here when he could get here from Bolinas, and in between atmospheric storms he was training up a whole crew of new KWMR Programmers. Check out this line-up!Charlie Villyard: Sufferin’ Jukebox¬†alternate Sundays 6-8pm
Buddy Faure: ClockWatchers alternate Sundays 8-10pm
Oliver Whitcroft: Pick N Pull alternate Sunday 8-10pm
David Helvarg; Rising Tide alternate Mondays 11:30-noon
Lisa Doron: Always Coming Home alternate Tuesdays at 11am-noon
Annie Izaki: Sports Hour alternate Tuesdays noon-1pm
Michael Neuman; morning talk show name TBD alternate Thursdays, 8-9am
Sam Mondroz, new music show alternate Mondays. Name TBD 6:30 -8:30
Finally, KWMR has determined that we are not ready to convene indoors in large numbers, and will be postponing Sweethearts of the Radio once again. But we hope to bring back this beloved event when we can.

Amanda Eichstaedt 
Station Manager and Executive Director