“That’s a Wrap”

Tuesday December 13th, 2022
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

That’s a Wrap

It might have been the fastest breakdown after an event in the history of events. Working with Janice Clement is no joke. Sharron Drake knows how to surround herself with folks who can get things done. Sharron is a KWMR Board Member and producer of theatre. It should be known that she also has a full time job and a teenage son. I’m not sure how she makes it all happen, but I am grateful.

This is not the first time that I have collaborated with Janice and Sharron for a KWMR fundraiser. Thankfully we have Mia Johnson and Alyssa Tanner on board to throw in their organizational, graphic, and merchandise sourcing talents to round things out.

Add in Bridget Devlin’s pastie baking skill, and several dozen cupcakes made by the extremely talented Kirsten Sheehan, and The Palace Market’s Lawrence Sander’s advice on wine, and you have a winning mix for the event. In addition to event coordination Janice Clement also makes Auntie JJ’s cookies (so delicious). A huge thank you to Chris Giacomini and his awesome kids Melissa and Nick, along with the helpful crew at Toby’s. And we all know that Oscar Gamez moved all the bales around to create the space.

Geoff Hoyle, Stephen Horvat, Heather Oakley, and Miguel Kuntz.    photo: Mia Johnson

And that was all the stuff happening off the stage. On the stage, the creative use of lights (David Lam) and a scrim to give depth to the observances of Scrooge with the ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future. Stephen Horvat and Daniel Cordrey built the stage, and “in their free time” Janice and Sharron constructed the 8′ wreath that graced the stage. Elisabeth Ptak feverishly constructed many of the costumes, and Sharron also engaged the Monday Mending group from the Inverness Library, where Alex Porrata also allowed them to rehearse.

Sharron engaged fellow KWMR Board Member Cameo Wood to direct the production and wrangled former KWMR Board member Alison Faust and the talented John Eleby to sing carols throughout the performance.

KWMR programmer Gene Ptak, poet, thespian, and one of the best storytellers I have met, narrated the Dickensian “Christmas Carol,” and kept things rolling along. Another KWMR Board Member, Danny Vitali with technical set up assistance from Program Director Jeff Manson, (equipment loaned by Tony Smith) employed Matt Gallagher’s intricate sound effects throughout the program. He had assistance from Maggie Levinger on the complimentary and effective lighting.

Willow Press, Prairie Press, Katie Jay, Paloma Cordrey, Lanzo Regalbuto, Luke Horvat, and Stephen Horvat.   photo: Mia Johnson

The cast, many of whom played multiple parts consisted of Geoff Hoyle, Stephen Horvat, and  Katie Jay as well as Sharron Drake, and Matt Gallagher, who is also a KMWR programmer. Heather Oakley flew all the way across the country to participate once again in the play. Miguel Kuntz, also a KWMR Board Member found his mojo in his first stage performance in a play. And the kids! Prairie and Willow Press, Paloma Cordrey, Luke Horvat, Fiona Vitali, and Lanzo Regalbuto, as the adorable Tiny Tim. Another KMWR programmer Howard Dillon joined the crew this year.

The sponsor’s got custom jingles written, and sang, just for the. We thank The Palace MarketSide Street KitchenToby’sThe Station House Cafe, and The Bovine Bakery!

It took a village to pull it off. I love these types of collaborations. Other folks stepped up to help volunteer at the event at the door, helping clean up, etc. 

While the play took a great deal of bandwidth, KWMR also aspired to broadcast live the 10th Anniversary of the Family Music Hour. We have some honing to do on our remote broadcast chops, and we will up our game for the next one! It did not work this time to broadcast live, but we hear that they have a recording of the concert, and we hope to be able to air it on KWMR in the near future.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. We express our gratitude to the Performers’ Unions. Actors’ Equity Association, American Guild of Variety Artists, and Sag Aftra through Theatre Authority, Inc for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear in this program. Actors Represented are Geoff Hoyle, Katie Jay, Heather Oakley, and Sharron Drake. 

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