“What Day Is It?”

Tuesday November 29th, 2022
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Tuesday, the 29th of November…

Hope you survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Today is “Giving Tuesday.”

Interesting things happened on this date in history, and it wasn’t always a Tuesday. It is Louisa May Alcott’s, C. S. Lewis’, and Madeline L’engle’s birthday today. Chuck Mangione’s birthday too, as well as a lot of other people who were born on this day.

Atari released the game Pong on this day in 1972. And Enos, a chimpanzee was launched into space on this day in 1961. Enos orbited the earth and landed n the ocean off Puerto Rico. I had to look to see if he was ok, and while Enos survived his space flight, he died on November 4th in 1962 of shigellosis-related dysentery, unrelated to his orbital adventure. Poor guy. Upon further reading, launching animals into space, while helpful for research, is not very nice.

In 1783 there was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in New Jersey.  Shaking was felt from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. It is said that George Washington slept right through it in New York City. Since then there have been around 99 subsequent earthquakes. Interestingly you don’t think “New Jersey” and “Earthquake” together usually.

Possibly most importantly (and a LOT of other things some good, some horrible also happened on this date), in 1877 Thomas Edison demonstrated for the first time his invention of the phonograph!

Edison with his second phonograph.    photo: public domain

Speaking of phonographs, I am thinking about all of the great shows on KWMR that still spin vinyl for your listening pleasure, and nothing sounds much better than vinyl records played on FM radio.

Here is where you can hear those sweet sounds, often mixed with digital tracks – can you tell the difference?Monday: Silver Dollar Jukebox at 8:30 every other Monday. 
Wednesday: Running with Scissors and West County Prowl (they alternate) both at 6:30 PM Mike just brings a bag of records.
Thursday: Bakersfield and Beyond at 6:30 PM, and Off the Cuff at 8:30 PM (both are every other week). When John Levy or Nancy Vayhinger host Classical Thursday they are known to spin some vinyl.
Friday: Happy Hour at 5 PM. You may hear some vinyl, depends on who is “in the house.”
Saturday: Susanna Henderson spins Hawaiian records for your listening pleasure at 2 PM, (alternating weeks)
Sunday: Sunday Celebration: Earth Baby Radio are prolific turntable users. And Midnight in Luxembourg features some records at times. 
Other programmers may sprinkle them in with other music formats. Sorry if I left anyone out! KWMR, to this date, has not had a chimp run the console in Studio A.

So it is Giving Tuesday, and if you have not pitched in to your local community radio station in a while, this would be a great time to do so! CLICK HERE.

Holiday Play!!!

Tickets are selling, don’t miss out, get yours ahead of time! Two shows, and no tickets sold at the door. In speaking on the air with some of the cast (45 minutes into this archive) I learned that this will be a really fun event. The rehearsals are going well, many of the actors (except Geoff Hoyle and Howard Dillon) will be taking on new accents. The costumes are fun, and you can even show up as an audience member in period garb. Come on out, have a pastie and a warm drink, enjoy some holiday cheer!


KWMR Is also teaming up with the Family Music Hour once again. Their next show is on Saturday, December 10. Sounds like you will be able to tune in to hear the Family Music Hour Live on KWMR!

Come on out to the play!
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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