“Baskets are BACK!”


Tuesday November 1st, 2022
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

A Tisket, A Tasket….A Calendar Club Basket!

Remember back in the day when KWMR would pull a random winner every month from the Calendar Club (KWMR’s sustaining donors) and that person would get a basket full of fun stuff from KWMR? Well, when COVID hit in March of 2020 (not that you need to be reminded), we stopped doing that. People were washing their groceries, and the last thing they wanted was a basket from KWMR that someone had been touching.

So we stopped doing the Calendar Club gift baskets. Well, they are coming back! While tabling at the different health and wellness fairs, we got the chance to talk with many of you – in person! And one thing that we heard was that the extra perks for Calendar Club members were missed, especially the baskets!

Claire Peaslee, Calendar Club member with her basket!  photo: Mia Johnson

If you are a sustainer, you will be getting a cute, and handy little Calendar soon from us for 2023. And we will be picking a basket recipient this month. The Calendar Club has over 260 members who give as little as $10/month (many give more) to KWMR every month. This adds up, and it is so nice to have a reliable income stream that can help us pay the recurring bills like utilities, rent, etc. that we are all way too familiar with.

And we have a goal to grow the Calendar Club this year, so if you can refer a friend to join the Calendar Club, we have an additional gift for you! If they sign up HERE, and just put that they were referred by YOU in the “note” section, we will be in touch!

Coming up next at KWMR….

Other than our fantastic programming, KWMR is easing back into the events scene. The talented Sharron Drake is producing “A Christmas Carol” once again on Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11th. Show time is at 4:30 PM (doors at 4 PM). You can get tickets HERE. There will be some food and drink for sale at the event, as well as some fun KWMR merchandise (stocking stuffers!). We hope you can join us.

KWMR Is also teaming up with the Family Music Hour once again. Their next show is on Saturday, December 10. And if technology is kind to us, we may be broadcasting the show live on KWMR that evening. Stay tuned.

Have a great week.
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director