“It’s Coming!”


September 20, 2022
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Are You Listening?

Cool KWMR postcard graphic designed by Mia Johnson. 

Remember that annoying cell phone commercial where the dude kept asking if you could “Hear me now?” I do, and I bet you do, too. It’s because it was catchy and repetitive, and just slightly annoying. Those are the things you remember. Think about a complicated, yet clever acronym for an important organization doing good work in the world. None come to mind? That is because it wasn’t catchy, repetitive, and slightly annoying. 

I can remember “Two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.” I can also sing the entire medley from the Connie Francis cassette ad that played during afternoon TV shows. And I also remember my high school fight song. Go Patriots! However, I might not remember your name right away. Unless you are super annoying and keep showing up.I’ve never been great with names, but I do try!

KWMR does not want to be annoying. We might be catchy at times, and possibly repetitive occasionally. Annoying and catchy are both subjective, but repetitive is just that….repetitive.

The KWMR Fall Pledge Drive starts on Monday, September 26th. We do two pledge drives per year – Fall and Spring. We are in the process of harnessing funds from Challenge Grants that will help shows meet their goals! If you would like to pledge as a Challenger and encourage others to support KWMR, click HERE.

Not feeling challenging? That is ok, we will be at it until October 9th. Then we hang it up, gratefully meeting our goal of raising $60K to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the broadcasts coming to your ears, either live, or with our amazing archives. During the Pledge Drive we will be giving out the phone number when someone is here to answer the phone. We will also be sending folks to to check out the plethora of locally produced shows from your friends and neighbors. You can support your friends and neighbors.

A great way to support KWMR is to join the Calendar Club! The monthly sustaining donations really help us a great deal by providing a reliable source of income monthly in order to pay those recurring bills. And you will get a cute little calendar from KWMR.

We will have some fun premiums, including the Eton hand turbine (er, crank), solar powered radio’s for donations $100 and up, and a nifty smart-phone air vent holder that we have tested in many vehicles, and it has only not fit in one car. That is for a $50 pledge. Anyone who pledges over $20 will be getting a code for a discount in the KWMR store!

If you would rather just pop a check in the mail, you can send it to KWMR, P.O. Box 1262, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956. Be sure to put a note with it to indicate where you would like us to apply your contribution, and whether you would like a premium. It makes the hard-working volunteer programmers glow when they know that listeners support what they do.

The theme of this Drive is “Are you Listening?” and we hope that you are. Whether you tune in for important updates, listen to your best pal spin cool tunes, or read a book live on the air, or just like the variety that you find on KWMR. You can be an early bird DONOR now, just be sure to say it’s for Pledge. Pledge goes live on the 26th, but we will include your contribution towards our goal.

Thank you for supporting KWMR!!

And KWMR Board service isn’t just for kids! Might you be interested in throwing your hat into the ring and performing some radio station governance? The KWMR Board wants to hear from you!  Ask any board member, our meetings do not run long.

Youth Board Rep?
And….if you are a youth, or you know of a youth that might be interested in serving as a KWMR Youth Board Representative, please apply now for the coming school year! We had such a delightful experience with our very first Youth Board Reps – Elena Rodoni and Sophia Buckholtz, and we look forward to new reps in the fall! Application is HERE.

Thank you for reading our newsletter and for your support of KWMR!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director