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“A Solid Dozen”


From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt, June 21, 2022


Today marks the anniversary of the start of my career with KWMR, twelve years ago. It’s an easy date to remember since it coincides with the solstice. I started as a volunteer programmer in 2007, so my affiliation with KWMR is 15 years old! The radio station turned 23 on May 2nd, 2022. I have had lots of jobs throughout my life, and some for several years, but I have worked at KWMR longer than any of my other gigs. I have no plans to head out any time soon. I really like working at KWMR with this amazing staff, our incredible volunteer programmers, and a dedicated, caring Board of Directors. And the listeners, don’t get me started on that stellar community! 

KWMR Staff, clockwise from left: Ian McMurray, Mia Johnson, Amanda Eichstaedt, Richard Dillman, Jeffrey Manson, Alyssa Tanner.

I am pleased to be sharing with you in this Round Up, KWMR’s fiscal year 2020/2021 Annual Report. KWMR’s fiscal year runs October 1st to September 30th to coincide with the Federal fiscal year due to the fact that some of our funding comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). CPB funds more than 1400 local public radio and television stations, and KWMR is one of them. And while this funding allows KWMR to do many things, it also requires us to do an annual audit of our financials. This is great, since it means we always have things in order. And it also means that KWMR needs to raise a certain amount of funding from non federal sources in order to stay eligible to get funding from CPB. Thanks to all of your donations, we remain in good standing.

KWMR is my first nonprofit job. I previously worked in retail, where it’s pretty straightforward where your profits come from. You buy stuff, mark it up, sell it, and keep your expenses in line. I then worked for city government, and funding for municipalities comes from taxes, fees, grants, etc. I did write some grants to support the programs I administered, but I never had to ask anyone for money directly.

Appealing directly to the public for money is an interesting dance. Ken and I support many nonprofits. And when we do so, it is because we believe in the work that they are doing. My feeling has always been, that if KWMR depends on public support, that we better be doing things that the public appreciates. I would never expect someone to support something merely for the sake of supporting. There has to be a reason. Maybe it’s because your daughter has a program on KWMR, and it gives her great pleasure, and makes her happy. Maybe you are an avid listener and love the content. Maybe you rarely listen, but depend on KWMR to be there for you when you need it. All very good reasons to support community radio.

Last year KWMR worked on a strategic framework for the work that we do. It is very much focused at the staff level. And the staff support the volunteers, and work to keep the programming relevant. This strategic framework is outlined in the Annual Report. This document will assist in guiding our work for the next three years, and is a living document, that can be adapted to our unpredictable times.Some important elements of the plan are succession planning, DEI (Diversity Equity, and Inclusion) and resilience. 

So take a look, hear from each of the employees, and from the Board President, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading our newsletter and for your support of KWMR!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director


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10:30pm - 1:30am
Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
The Who