⚡ Weather Information: Atmospheric River (posting Dec 11 2021)

Weather PSA: Atmospheric river coming this weekend.
(Posting this 12/11/21 at 11am)
⮕ Here’s what you can do NOW to prepare (from Marin VOAD):

1 —Sign up for Alert Marin and Nixle and read about the difference between them: https://emergency.marincounty.org/pages/alerts
2 — Prepare your property for heavy rains and flooding: https://emergency.marincounty.org/pages/flooding
3 — Put your flashlight and extra batteries in an easily accessible location.
4 — Get your radio ready to tune into the latest information.
5 — Make sure you have food and water so you don’t have to go out in the storm.
6 — Do NOT drive on closed-off roads or past barricades
7 — Check on your neighbors and help someone get prepared.
⮕ Key Websites for Current Event Status:
— National Weather Service: https://www.weather.gov/mtr/ for the latest updates about the storm
—Marin County Emergency Portal: https://emergency.marincounty.org/
You will find the latest information about the storm, road closures, where to purchase sandbags, updates about power outages, and any contingency plans that will be in place. If you do one thing to prepare for this storm it should be to share this website with 5 people you know.
— Stay informed with the County Gov, Fire, Sheriff and DPW Twitter feeds: https://emergency.marincounty.org/pages/stay-informed
— Sandbag locations and other resources: https://emergency.marincounty.org/pages/flooding
⮕ National Weather Service Information:
— The impact of the impending atmospheric river in Marin is forecast to start with light rain and showers Saturday around midnight and then will build to moderate rain & higher winds early Sunday morning.
— This weather is expected to continue through Monday and possibly Tuesday: 3-5” of rain is expected in urban areas with possibly 6-8” on coastal ranges such as Mt Tam. Localized flood prone areas are potentially at risk of flooding, with high tides in the early morning hours. Lingering showers are expected into Monday with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms and hail.
— Winds are expected late Sunday night coming from the South at 35 – 45 MPH at lower elevations & may be over 45 MPH over the peaks. The wind will taper off during the day on Monday.
Forecast overnight temperatures are expected to be mid 30’s-40’s tonight and warmer in the 40’s-50’s Saturday and Sunday.
As always there are additional links & resources on KWMR’s Emergency Info Page. Stay safe, and Stay Tuned!

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