🎃🦇 ~oOOooh~ spooky shows: 10/27-11/4

Coming up on KWMR this week…

TUE  |  October 27- PLEDGE DRIVE

8 AM “The Rise Up & Shine Show” Briefly known as “The Mary & Amber Show.”
10 AM “Reading to John” Hosted by Neshama Franklin.
5 PM “Epicenter”  Ellen Shehadeh and John Levy talk about West Marin Mediation.
6:30 PM “Musical Variete” Charlie Morgan returns to the airwaves!
8:30 PM “Rock N Roll Roundup” Dr. dB has the Rock N Roll prescription! Emerging bands, new releases and songs too hot for commercial radio!
10 PM “After Dark”  Dr Decibel’s freeform eclectic mix that is not Professor Kozmo.
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat”

WED  |  October 28 – PLEDGE DRIVE
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library updates, interviews, George Merrill, Muriel Murch’s Letter From A Broad and then “Fish Tales.”
10 AM  “Epicenter” Updates from District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni and Benita McLarin, Director of Marin HHS.
10:30 AM “Special” Transition Times, New Time and Day.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” With your guest host emmanuelgps@gmail.com
5 PM “Epicenter” Updates from District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni and Benita McLarin, Director of Marin HHS.
6:30 PM “West County Prowl” A fine curated mix of great tunes.THU  | October 29 – PLEDGE DRIVE
8 AM “Top of the Morning” Hosted by Howard Dillon.
10 AM “Turning Pages For Children of All Ages” Kerry Livingston reading.
11:00 AM “Epicenter”
12 PM “The Pulse” Host Maiken Scott leads this one-hour, weekly tour of the people and places at the heart of health and science.
4 PM “Teatime Books” Howard Dillon reading.
5 PM “Epicenter”
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Back in the saddle and making shows! Special Pledge Edition with Amanda and Mike!
8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches” Smelley Kelley and Owen Bly – Honky Tonk and more.

FRI  |  October 30 – PLEDGE DRIVE
8 AM “Milk Street Radio” Great information on cooking and food preparation.
10 AM “Turning Pages” “L.P. Hartley’s “The Go-Between”, a spellbinding story about the past & the future, & the mysteries of the human heart.”
4 PM “The French Touch” Songs by request from listeners. Make your requests at FrenchTouchKWMR@gmail.com.
5 PM “Happy Hour” Liberacha is frequently called in her bunker to be live on KWMR.
🦇  HALLOWEEN EVE — 7 PM: “Dead Air – Chilling Radio Tales” 

SAT  |  October 31 – PLEDGE DRIVE – LAST DAY!!
11 AM “Cool Jazz Countdown” Hosted by Marcellus The Bassman Shepard and Kyle LaRue.
12 PM “Forms and Feelings” Jim Bennett plays music that can conveniently be described as jazz.
6 PM “Celtic Universe” The band is back together with Lyons Filmer, Loretta Farley, and Ken Eichstaedt
🦇  HALLOWEEN NIGHT 7 PM: “Special” West Marin ghost stories, produced by Sharron Drake.
🦇  HALLOWEEN NIGHT — 8 PM ” Spooky Jazz Groove” Curated by Jeff and Van. Get your ghoulish groove on.

SUN  |  November 1
2 PM “Foraging with Betsy Nichols” Betsy continues to grow new shows at home!
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” It’s January 1965 in London and there’s a new LP from The Stones, a new 45 from The Kinks plus the first from The Who!
6 PM “Elbow Room” Paul Flowerman produces in Wisconsin and ships his tunes to California.
8 PM “Life on Earth” Tunes with Tali.

MON  |  November 2 
8 AM “With Eyes Open” Peter Asmus hosts and brings Loretta Farley’s “Nature Notebook” to the airwaves.
10 AM “Turning Pages at Natures Pace” “Reading ‘Planetwalker’, John Francis’ seminal memoir of his silent journey by foot across America”. Final installment.
11 AM “Special” Interview that representatives from Marin County.
12 PM “The Farm and Foodshed Report” Hosted by Robin Carpenter.
10:00 PM “Megolamedia Melange!” Djimi G spins great tunes.

TUE |  November 3
8 AM “The Rise Up and Shine Show” All four quarters created for you in the dome in Bolinas.
9 AM “Airwaves” With host Raul Gallyot.
10 AM “Questing: Where is the Path” Hosted by Jane Mickelson.
11 AM “Special” Interview of local interest.
1 PM “Hot Tech/Cool Science/Art’s Desire” Hosted by Julie Motz.
5 PM “Epicenter” Repeat of 11 AM interview.
6:30 PM “In the Wind” A program originally produced by Doug Adamz for KTAL in Las Cruces New Mexico now graces the airwaves at KWMR on Tuesdays.
8;30 PM “Rock n Roll Round Up” With host Dr. Decibel.
10 PM “After Dark” With host Dr. Decibel.
Midnight “The French Touch: Repeat” 

WED |  November 4
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library updates, , Muriel Murch’s Letter From A Broad and then “Fish Tales.”
10 AM “Special” Interview with District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” and Climate One”
5 PM “Epicenter” Interview with District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni (repeat from 11 AM)
6:30 PM “Running with Scissors” Good old rock and roll, maybe some punk, and likely soul, too.

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