✏️ Newsletter 10/20/2020: “Pickin’ Up Trash”

Tuesday Oct 20, 2020
From the desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

Trash Hiking

 Some of you may be aware that since March I have been doing a lot of hiking. It got to the point where a friend and I, socially distanced, would hike as many as sixteen miles on a weekend day, but usually it would end up being pretty close to 14. Regardless of what course was set, at the end it would be maybe 13.9 miles, or maybe 14.2 but often right at 14 miles.

When the Woodward Fire was burning the air quality was not great for outdoor activities, (it was downright dangerous) our hiking was curtailed. Then many of the beloved trails that we had been tromping on for many months were closed due to the scope of the burned area. We look forward to returning to the trails when they are opened. When the air quality improved we moved our traipsing to areas of the park that were open, back to somewhat shorter adventures.

I have been running with our dog Waylon on Bear Valley Road since March, and of late, I have been disgusted at the amount of trash I am seeing along the sides of the roadways. Last week, instead of a run where I was cursing every time I saw trash, I headed out with a garbage bag and gloves, with Waylon on the leash. Within a mile out and back, I had filled up a large kitchen bag and had a flattened cardboard box as well as a paint bucket.

Here’s Waylon. He is usually game for a walk, and if I’m picking up trash that is ok, too!

I almost went ass over teakettle into a ravine when Waylon spotted a squirrel, but kept my balance, garbage and all. Now our runs are much more enjoyable and virtually trash free. But there are other roads that have LOTS of trash along them.

Hence a new sport is evolving – Trash Hiking. Being a fan of multi-tasking, in this case, walking a dog, hiking, and picking up trash. Bada bing!

You may even see me out there. I am now wearing my biking high viz fest, and will soon be wielding a trash grabber. While we have discovered that crouching to pick up trash replicates a “squat” and is great for the glutes and quads, with poison oak and brambles, it will be nice to have that tool.

As an early riser, and with Daylight Saving going into effect, I think that early mornings will be best and prove less heavy, and mostly local traffic. We will need to be cautious about the low angle of the sun in driver’s eyes. So keep your eyes peeled for the trash hikers! And feel free to join the fun.  Be careful out there, and take precautions if you choose to take on this new sport. I might even throw in a few jumping jacks now and then.

Ok, enough trash talk. KWMR is in our Fall Pledge Drive. If you have already contributed, thank you!! If not, you may do so right NOW by clicking HERE. We have some great premiums (see below).  You could even join as a monthly sustaining member of the Calendar Club. It costs about $1000 per day to run this station and your support is critical for KWMR’s ongoing presence on the airwaves. Thank you in advance for stepping up!

We have some really cool premiums this fall:

  • For a pledge of $30 we have a packet of native wildflower seeds, a KWMR magnet with the the Homegrown Logo, and a KWMR bumper sticker.
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  • For a pledge of $100 you can get an Eton emergency radio – tune in to KWMR when the power is out!

Please note: You can get premiums with check payments, or online payments this year!

Did you miss Dewey’s awesome Vision Fire history talk? Have no fear, you can watch it here! And since it’s the Pledge Drive why not make a contribution HERE.

Dewey Livingston History Talk on Vision Fire

Watch the Video

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Be Well Folks!
Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager and Executive Director

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