✏️ Newsletter 9/15/20: “That 4-leaf Clover”

Tuesday Sept 15, 2020
From the desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

Defensible Space

Remember that Round Up a few weeks back when I was talking about how we needed some good luck? Well, despite the smoky air, I think we were extremely lucky. Some picnic tables burned at Sky Camp, firefighters fighting the Woodward Fire sustained some minor injuries, and we had many community members who were evacuated, but safe.

Four leaf clover.    photo: courtesy of Pexels

Not that it wasn’t epic, and I do not want to minimize the stress that we all experienced during this trying time. One just needs to look at other areas that experienced fire to see the loss of homes, and lives due to fast moving blazes, to be so very grateful that the Woodward Fire was contained. The fires in California, Oregon, Washington, and other western states are unprecedented, but not unexpected.

I think we should be ready for future incidents. We are not “out of the woods,” though some of the woods has burned. There is ample fuel in West Marin and it is only September. I’m talking “go bags,” and  “evacuation plans for the whole family, including pets and livestock.” It’s hard stuff to deal with and think through, but testimony from those who have been through it, suggest that lists and planning help immensely. Don’t let your hindsight be your strongest beacon.

Many of use had a visit from some inspectors to discuss how defensible our homes were. I know that motivated me to do a bit more pruning than I would do normally, that and an active fire within a mile of our house. Bring on the clippers, chainsaw, and more! And where do we get those spark-proof vents? And about those gutters!

And this on top of COVID-19. It certainly shows the resiliency of humans.

Here is the team! L-R Clockwise: Mia Johnson, Alyssa Tanner, Jeffrey Manson, Amanda Eichstaedt, Ian McMurray, and Richard Dillman.   Screen capture: Mia Johnson

Many of you saw and commented on the illuminating article originally published in the LA Times about KWMR (I am a believer in paywalls for journalism). It was also picked up by some other media outlets. Your kind comments regarding our work here are greatly appreciated. What the article didn’t have space to dive into is the work of the employees who aren’t coming to KWMR regularly. To Richard Dillman for setting up that 9-repeater radio system that the disaster councils rely on, and for working from his home, and a hotel, during the fire to produce updates. To Ian McMurray who built the system for us to provide reliable information every 30 minutes while scheduling all of the automated programs. To Mia Johnson for handling daily social media and website updates seven days per week, and to Alyssa Tanner for keeping the Calendar Club and membership activities going throughout the incident.

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. I have a great job. And the reason I do is because I work with some of the finest people on the planet. We are supported by numerous volunteers who produce programming for your enjoyment and information. And if it weren’t for your contributions, we would not be listener supported radio. We might not even be here.

If you appreciate what KWMR is doing for the community, please make a contribution. HERE. If you don’t like to donate online, you can mail a check to P.O. Box 1262, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956. And thank you.

We are committed to doing our level-best to bring you important, timely and accurate information. After the final briefing, KWMR will continue with brief recorded information regarding closures, and any updates.

Mask up,
Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Learn HERE about how to get a COVID test in Marin County.

p.p.s Check to be sure your voter registration is accurate.