✏️ Roundup Newsletter: “August Schedule & Youth Engagement”

Tuesday August 3, 2020
From the desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…
Top photo: My kind of traffic.  Photo by Bruno Ticianelli from Pexels


We are entering our sixth month of Shelter In Place County Health Order. You would not know it by the traffic that is streaming by our house on most days, especially on the weekends. Face covering compliance (i.e. masks) seems to be pretty good in West Marin. And folks are hoping to socially distance in the beautiful National, State and County parks that grace the coast of Marin.

Limentour Road is closed until further notice at Bear Valley Road due to road construction. At this time there are a number of closures in the National Park. So rather than have your picnic dreams dashed when you arrive, study up!

Personally I am still laying low. Spending quite a bit of time at home after getting out in the early mornings for some exercise on the trails. Yard is looking good, and I am learning how to cook some new dishes for variety. Yesterday I plunged into home production for a “Solid Sender” show for next Monday at 6:30 PM. It went ok! My reverence for those that are doing this is higher than it was prior to jumping on the bandwagon.

Definition of bandwagon
1: a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade

Seems appropriate. The August Program Guide is ready for action and there are a few changes in the schedule for this month. Mostly we have decided to list the shows that are taking a hiatus during the pandemic on the Program Guide, but not keep them in the schedule, and let you know what is playing in their place. We hope to return these fine programmers to the airwaves as soon as it is safe to do so.

No parades, no circuses, and very little live music, but the music plays on over the airwaves at KWMR. Also many of your favorite artists are producing online live concerts!

KWMR has a new Board initiative – KWMR Youth Board Representative. See Board President Kristen McDonald’s description below, and how to apply.

I had a silly observation yesterday while in a market wearing my mask. You can totally lip sync to the words to the songs on the speakers and nobody can see you!

Thank you all for reading, tuning in, and for your support of community radio, KWMR.

Mask up!
Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Learn HERE about how to get a COVID test in Marin County. Also, please note, effective immediately Coastal Health Alliance is changing the protocols for their Point Reyes Testing. READ THIS

p.p.s. Have you completed the Census? It’s easy and funding for our rural communities depends on it! Do it or folks will come a knockin’!