✏️ Roundup: “Shagalicious”

Tuesday July 20, 2020
From the desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

Top pic: Selfie with shag.     photo: Amanda Eichstaedt

I thought that the word agroof was used to describe bed head. Like when you wake up and your hair is standing straight up, then it can be described as “agroof.” But this is not correct. Agroof means that you are “face down” as in as person fell “agroof,” or flat on their face. Maybe if you sleep face down and your hair gets messed up, then you could swing using the term.

Unless you got an appointment during the short time that salons and barbers were allowed to open (with precautions), you are likely feeling a bit shaggy. I understand the Governor is open to some personal service being permitted outside.

Another name for bed head is moptop, which might be accompanied by blanket face, when you get imprints from your bedding on your face after a good hard sleep.

I would like to abolish the whole idea of a bad hair day. Can we just agree to do this?  And I would like to respect those who are lacking in hair for any reason. I have not had my hair cut since January 6th. I have decided to just let it grow out and endure.

There are cowlicks, and those occur naturally when some hair grows a different direction. Thankfully for me, Ken Eichstaedt’s hair is a complex collection of cowlicks – and therefore is very forgiving to cut, even with borrowed clippers. Not to be confused with dog licks. Waylon has the perfect hairstyle and never needs it cut. Let’s hear it for fur!

 Fur is where it’s at! Waylon in profile.    photo: Amanda Eichstaedt

Self coiffing is a thing. I recently saw an acquaintance who I had not seen in months. Her hair was looking really good, and she wears it very short. After complimenting her, I learned that the first two attempts at cutting her own hair did not go well (shaved bald spots, etc.), but they grew out, and she has since mastered her look.

So I am writing about shaggy hair in an attempt at levity. While a chuckle or a good gut laugh is so welcome right now, there is not that much to really make fun of these days. In all seriousness, KWMR is working hard to bring you relevant programming, including our Monday – Thursday “Epicenter” programs and other special interviews on health, racial justice, and fire safety, to name a few. Also, our programmers are seeking out interviews that are timely with authors, artists, environmentalists and elected officials.

Thank you for your calls, notes, and emails about programming and our efforts here at KWMR. And for your support. Yesterday was the 20th, and the Calendar Club recurring donations came in – a lifeline for the radio station. If you have not supported KWMR in a while, today is as good a day as any to contribute.

And for what it is worth, I hate trust falls, so I don’t miss them at all.

If you have any question about what 6′ apart means, here is a list of 6′ tall famous people. Just imaging that they are lying on the ground between you and others: Bruce Springsteen, Brooke Shields, Dave Chappelle, Aimee Mann, Dave Grohl, Maya Angelou, Macy Gray, and Bill Nye.

You know the drill – cover face, wash hands, sanitize, and repeat,
Thank you all for reading, tuning in, and for your support of community radio, KWMR.

Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Learn HERE about how to get a COVID test in Marin County.

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