ūüďĽ Program Highlights, 6/9-6/17

Coming up on KWMR this week…

TUE  |  June 9

8 AM “Rise and Shine”¬†Mary and Amber broadcasting from the dome.
5 PM Featured image (photo is from Perception.org): “Epicenter” Jessica MacFarlane,¬† Senior Research Director – Perception Institute, a national non-profit dedicated to researching and developing ways to overcome explicit and implicit bias.¬†
10 PM “After Dark”¬†¬†Dr Decibel has your Rock n Roll prescription.¬†
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat”¬†Local Band Rue 66’s leader Serge Martial passed away on May 27th. This program will be a tribute to Serge and his band.WED¬† |¬† June 10
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”¬†Library, and Senior Services updates, Indivisible West Marin Updates, then Marin Grand Jury information. Jeremy Cohen from Quartet San Francisco,¬†updates from Muriel Murch, and then¬†“Fish Tales.”
10 AM (NEW TIME) “Special”¬†Interview with District¬†4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, and then updates from the Marin County Small Business Development Center.
4 PM “Specials”¬†Community Health Conversations.
5 PM “Epicenter”¬†Interview with District¬†4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni.
10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots”¬†Tony is making his shows at home!. Deep tracks!THU¬† | June 11
8 AM “Top of the Morning”¬†Howard Dillon in conversation with Jeff Manson on many locally relevant topics, plus some good music.
9 AM “Wild Marin”¬†Hosted by Todd Plummer.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Tea in the Morning”¬†Howard Dillon continues to read from “The Jungle Book.” The last story.
11 AM & 5 PM “Epicenter”
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond”¬†Lightly used archive.
8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches”¬†The Country Music you crave.FRI¬† |¬† June 12
10 AM “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight”¬†More from Daphne du Maurier’s moody Gothic novel, “Jamaica Inn” set against the backdrop of brooding Bodmin Moor.
2 PM “Classical Friday”¬†An Archive edition of Classical Friday at the Concert Hall, with host Janet Robbins.
4 PM “The French Touch”¬†Member of the Acad√©mie Fran√ßaise, Jean Loup Dabadie just passed away. He wrote close to 100 popular French pop songs.
9 PM “Special¬†– Quarantine Dreams: A collective dispatch from West Marin’s Arts and Music Scene!SAT¬† |¬† June 13
12 PM “Forms and Feelings”¬†Jim Bennett plays music that can conveniently be described as jazz.

SUN  |  June 14
2 PM “Foraging with Betsy Nichols”¬†Betsy continues to grow new shows at home!
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg”¬†It’s November 1964 in London; Petula wants you to go clubbing and Van releases one of the great 45s of all time.

MON  |  June 15
8 AM “With Eyes Open”¬†Peter Asmus hosts Loretta Farley with Nature Notebook.
11 AM “Special”¬†Interview that representatives from Marin County.
5 PM “Epicenter”¬†Repeat of 11 AM interview with Marin County representatives.
10:00 PM “Megolamedia Melange!”¬†Djimi G spins great tunes.

TUE |  June 16
8 AM “Rise and Shine”¬†Mary and Amber host.
11 AM “Special”¬†Interview of local interest.
1 PM “Hot Tech/Cool Science/Art’s Desire”¬†Hosted by Julie Motz.
5 PM “Epicenter”¬†Repeat of 11 AM interview.
10 PM “After Dark”¬†Dr. D! Brings the tunes.
Midnight¬†“The French Touch: Repeat”¬†REPEAT¬†Member of the Acad√©mie Fran√ßaise, Jean Loup Dabadie just passed away. He wrote close to 100 popular French pop songs.

WED |  June 17
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”¬†Library and Senior Services updates. “Trash to Treasure,” updates from Muriel Murch, and¬†“Fish Tales.”
11 AM “Special”¬†Interview with District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” and Climate One”
5 PM “Epicenter”
 Interview with District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni (repeat from 11 AM)
6:30 PM “West County Prowl”¬†Made in Bolinas.

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