✏️ Roundup: “Coming up in June”

May 26, 2020
From the desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

June Happenings

Week 11 of Shelter Order, and week 10 of KWMR COVID programming. As Devo says, “How long can this go on?”* We had a very busy weekend of visitors to West Marin this past Memorial Day holiday, and we hope that this does not mean an increase in incidents of the coronavirus in our communities.

It is hard after all these weeks, and with this gorgeous weather, and long days, to not begin to feel restless for visit with friends and family, play dates, and recreating. But we must be wise and use the lessons we have learned in our SIP to stay healthy as we head into summer. The risk chart is a good one. Remember, the virus is still here, no vaccine, no treatment and many people may be asymptomatic (seem healthy while spreading the virus).

After holding down the engineering front since the second week of the shelter order, we are going to carefully bring another person into the loop so that we can generate more new programming on KWMR. Hats off to all who have, and still are producing shows from home. Program Director Jeff Manson will begin working a second shift at KWMR. I’ll be there in the mornings, and Jeff later in the day. We will have a break in between, as well as an extensive sanitation list. We are going to give this a try.

Programmers will be assisted by Jeff in creating new content. We will be staffing the station Monday – Thursday. No other staff or volunteers will be coming to the station for now. Stay tuned for some great fresh and recycled programs and a new schedule next week.

Can you dig it? Waylon can.

Stay healthy, and stay tuned,
Amanda Eichstaedt, KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director.

p.s. If you are an essential worker (or have been working with others during this past several weeks, you can sign up HERE to get a COVID test.

*Devo, “Working in a Coal Mine.”

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