✏️ Roundup: “Hang In There!”

April 7, 2020
From Amanda Eichstaedt…

Grateful for KWMR

I started my third week of engineering for morning programs at KWMR yesterday. Work has kept me pretty busy, and I am learning the importance of down time.

This is where I hang out!   photo: Amanda Eichstaedt

The first week of the new schedule was a scramble. Downloading music for shows, figuring out who was calling in to the studio, and who I was calling, and making a special Google Sheet to share with Mia Johnson, who is doing the social media promoting the programs. I am eternally grateful for the willingness and positive attitude of the programmers who are participating, as well as the programmers who have decided to sit this out, and not be on the air during the shelter at home.

The second week it was a bit easier to hit the stride and more programming came on line, with special reporting on Food Security by Robin Carpenter who is the host of The Farm and Foodshed Report. Shelley Rugg and Laura Natkins who have a show on Saturday, were on for a special Monday edition of Secret Sauce. Howard Dillon is graciously reading weekly from his current selection “The Jungle Book” which is being broadcast again at 4 PM on Thursday.

Monday through Thursday we are recording our Epicenter program early in the day, when I am at KWMR, and then playing the audio again at 5 PM. There is now an exception to this schedule. We learned that Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad would be broadcasting live from San Rafael on Wednesday at 11 each week. This program brings important information to the listeners in Spanish. We have therefore moved the weekly interview with Supervisor Dennis Rodoni to 10 AM, replaying that at 5 PM. They are then featured on the KWMR.org home page.

Fridays are light and there is no Epicenter, but we are working to continue to bring listeners content that they will enjoy.

And some of the music show hosts are beavering away in their homes creating fun programming for you! Djimi G has been creating new Megalomedia Melange shows all along, and Jeff Manson is producing his West County Prowl for Wednesdays, as well as a brand new program Quarantine Dreams that airs every Friday at 9 PM. Betsy Nichols produced her very first Foraging program for Sunday 4/5 – and it is awesome! Stand by for some new Highway of Heartaches, After DarkMidnight in LuxembourgRadio Killed the Video StarFoggy Ridge MusicBring it on HomeThe French TouchHappy Hour, and  more!!

Things that I get a kick out of while doing this engineering include the varied pronunciation of my last name, the interesting musical selections that I am downloading for the morning hosts, and how important it is for me, and I’m sure for you, to hear different familiar voices.

While KWMR does not produce news, we are striving to include important information for listeners via the Epicenter interviews and with Robin Carpenter’s Food Security reporting. On Monday I speak with representatives from the Marin County Department of Health, most often it has been Dr. Lisa Santora. On Wednesdays it is an update from District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, and on Tuesday and Thursdays we are scheduling interviews with other community based organizations, many of them working on the front lines of the coronavirus.

On Wednesdays during Swimming Upstream I am airing updated Letters From A Broad produced in London by KWMR Founder Muriel Murch.

Is there something that you have enjoyed hearing on KWMR? Something that you would like to hear during the shelter at home time period? Please let me know!

And the down time is super important. To unplug from the news, and work, get some fresh air and to be still. I am particularly fortunate to be sheltering with Ken, who is teaching me to play cribbage, and with Waylon, who gives us much joy.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

TOP PHOTO: Waylon helping with downtime. Good dog.   photo: Ken Eichstaedt

KWMR is following the County Of Marin Health and Human Services announcements regarding the COVID-19 virus status. Click on the blue text for more information and how to sign up for email alerts. KWMR is in communication with our over 90 volunteer programmers and will continue business as usual at this time.  The County of Marin has extended the shelter at home and parks closure through May 3.

p.s. Mia has compiled these great resources and is updating them as necessary.


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