✏️ Roundup: “And We’re Back!”

Image: Me in my new morning habitat – Studio A.  Selfie: Amanda Eichstaedt

March 31, 2020
From Amanda Eichstaedt…

We Are On the Air

When the “shelter at home” order came down, KWMR had to make some tough decisions. We felt that nobody’s health was worth risking so we shut down for one week to come up with a plan. Here is the plan.

We are on the air! In fact many of your favorite programers are getting innovative and are learning to create their shows at home, so be sure to tune and see what KWMR has to offer! Professor Kozmo is doing a fine job, but wait, there is more…

Monday through Thursday I am going in to the studio and engineering for the morning hosts, and their guests. They are phoning it in and it’s working really well! Check out the “Rise and Shine” show from last week with Mary and Amber hanging out at their respective homes in their PJs.

Robin Carpenter, host of the Farm and Foodshed Report has taken on the mantle as KWMR’s Food Security Correspondent. She is researching solutions to obtaining local food, and getting updates from growers, suppliers, markets and food banks. Thank you Robin! She is joining me throughout the week to bring updates during the 8-10 AM time slot. Thank you Robin!

Monday through Thursday at 11 AM we are offering special programming that consists of interviews relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. These are then replayed at 5 PM in the Epicenter spot. They are also archived in the “Staff Picks” box in the middle of the home page. Our interview from last Monday with Dr. Lisa Santora from the Marin County Department of Public Health was featured in the County Daily Update from 3/28.

All staff are working from home, including me, except when I go into the station each morning. That way the environment at the station is safe for me, and I can go in if we need to report on any other emergencies. Richard Dillman is able to broadcast from his home. Jeff Manson, Program Director is able to produce audio from his home and send it to Ian McMurray our IT Guru who is able to remotely access the equipment. Mia Johnson is handling all social media and website updates from home, and Alyssa Tanner is working remotely on membership. Sally Philips is handling development tasks from home.

We are as sad as you are to not feature as much live programming as we can. But these are strange times and require measures that include distancing and sheltering.

Thank you for your kind words, and for tuning in to hear your favorite programs on KWMR. Please let me know if you have questions, or feedback. This is a work in progress.

We were supposed to start our Spring Pledge Drive on the 30th. It makes me sad to have to reschedule this, and we do not yet have dates since it is unknown when we can return to normal operations. Please consider contributing to the station HERE, to keep us going in these uncertain times.

Thank you, be safe, stay home, and take care,

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Mia has compiled these great resources and is updating them as necessary.

KWMR is following the County Of Marin Health and Human Services announcements regarding the COVID-19 virus status. Click on the blue text for more information and how to sign up for email alerts. KWMR is in communication with our over 90 volunteer programmers and will continue business as usual at this time.  The County of Marin has extended the shelter at home and parks closure through May 3.