✏️ Roundup: “Marathon, not a Sprint”

March 24, 2020
From Amanda Eichstaedt…

Stay Home

pandemic: noun: pan·​dem·​ic | \ pan-ˈde-mik  \ : an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease

Here is the deal with KWMR for the immediate future.

KWMR continues to operate with minimal (one person) staff on site, and others working remotely from their homes. The station is broadcasting live from 8 AM – 11:30 AM. Interviews scheduled for 11 AM will be repeated at 5 PM as “Epicenter” programs. Many morning show hosts are “phoning it in!” Tune in and check it out.

We are working with all of our programmers, and some folks who used to be programmers, or might someday become programmers to harvest some good content for our listeners. We know that this is a tough time for folks who like to come in and do their shows.

We have a handful of current programmers who have the ability to produce shows from home (see highlights below), including Djimi G, Emmanuel with the “French Touch”, Grey Shepard brings us “Between Rock & a Jazz Place”, the “Bashment” DJs, Ant and TK2 from “Off the Cuff” and “Silver Dollar Jukebox,” Dr. Decibel  with “After Dark,” Owen and Smelley with “Highway of Heartaches,” Jim Bennett with “Forms and Feelings,” and Tony Palmer “Sonic Sunspots” is working on it and Jeff Manson will produce “West County Prowl,” along with a new exciting collage of creativity on Friday nights at 9 PM – calling it “Quarantine Dreams.” If I missed someone, I’m very sorry (it’s an ever-changing situation).

Liberacha will have some new “Happy Hour” shows soon. Many of our other programmers are working on coming up to speed to bring you local content. Meanwhile Professor Kozmo will handle the tunes. We are so appreciative of your patience and understanding.

So, hang in there folks. Wash your hands, no hugging folks outside of your household, support local businesses as much as possible, and be careful.

All the best,
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Did I mention that you should stay home?

p.p.s Here is a working list of West Marin-focused resources we’ve compiled. Please note these organizations & businesses are all in various states of open-ness. If you’re seeking information or help, check out these links to find out more. Stay healthy, stay home, stay tuned.

Image courtesy of Signer Labs @garywarshaw

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