✏️ Roundup: “Homegrown!”

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March 10, 2020
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt Waylon…

KWMR Update!

It feels like a good time to let folks know how things are going at KWMR. And who better to do this in an impartial way, than Waylon! I have had a few requests from folks to have Waylon pen another Round Up. So, here you go!

Waylon and his valentine from Nora.    photo: Amanda Eichstaedt

I am almost 2 years old now, which is 14 in dog years, so as a teenager, I know everything. Amanda is in a pretty good mood these days, so things must be going ok at KWMR. From what I can tell, the new guy (Jeff) is doing well. They also have another new person (Alyssa) who is nice, and she came to the house once to let me out, whoa, out of context, or what? The other people are the same, but I miss that nice lady who used to come down and hug me. She has a deep voice.

The biscuit lady up the stairs has a dog of her own! At first I was put off, but we have become friends and Nora even sent me a valentine. But I hear she sent several dogs valentines. Hmmm. We have a pretty good time when we get to hang out though, I’m way faster than she is. I have another friend that I see most Wednesdays and we run and run and run and run. She is the greatest dog ever! Well, I guess I’m not one to talk then, eh Nora?

The radio station is getting ready for another one of those pledge drives (current drive scheduled for March 30 – April 8 will be rescheduled). The theme that I have heard is “homegrown radio.” I like the sound of that, and people are pretty jazzed about what they are planning. In fact, the new guy (Jeff) wants folks to call in and leave a message about what they like about the radio station on Extension 105. You just call 415-663-8068 and then push 105 and follow the directions! I am going to call in and bark, I want to be on the radio like that nice lady’s dog who won the tote bag (Ellen). Her dog is on the radio (Tess). Geesh. I think that the big man with the beard has a dog, too. I have not met him.

Being a radio dog is a good job. I know the drill. When we come to Amanda’s office I just chill out and listen to the radio. We go on walks, and the other day I met a little puppy who was so cute. She jumped right on my head, not cool. But when I growled she just flipped over on her back and wiggled. I hardly ever bark at the radio station and I’m happy to meet new people when they come in to talk to Amanda or the other folks.

So all in all, things are going well at KWMR. I’m wondering if homegrown is like digging in the yard (which I love to do).

Waylon the dog

Well folks, Waylon pretty much nailed it. The Pledge Drive dates are March 30 – April 8this has been postponed.

And truly, do give us a call at 415-663-8068, Ext 105 and let us know what you love and appreciate about KWMR! You might hear your message on the airwaves!

All the best,
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. With all the craziness in this world, why not have a dog write the newsletter.