January 23, 2023 Liz Martins/ Quinton Martins & Mountain Lions

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This audio is no longer available.


  • 9:01am Circling Elements by Skysurfer on Maretimo Sessions: Sunset Del Mar – Pure Sunset Feeling (ORCHARD – Maretimo Records), 2016
  • 9:01am Siesta Del Sol by In Credo on Es Vive / Sands Ibiza 2010 (BELIEVE – Cr2 Records), 2019
  • 9:30am Mountain Lion by Van Wagner on Lost In the Mountains (Van Wagner), 2011
  • 9:56am Cafe Mocha by Jesse Cook on Frontiers (UMG – EMI Music Canada), 2007
  • 9:56am Bad Face by Mykal Rose on Healing of the Nation (I-Sight Records), 2018
  • 9:57am Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C Major, BWV 1066: Gavotte I & II by Mainz Chamber Orchestra on Blue Edition – Bach: Organ Concerti & Orchestral Suite No. 1, BWV 1066 (BELIEVE – BLUE COLLECTION by a.m. publishing house), 2021
  • 9:57am We’re Not from Around Here by Bill Frisell on We’re Not from Around Here (WMG – Nonesuch), 2008
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