December 17, 2021

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This audio is no longer available.

  • 4:01pm C’est si bon by Yves Montand on Les idoles de la chanson française : Yves Montand, Vol. 2 (BELIEVE – Mon patrimoine musical), 2015
  • 4:07pm Sacré charlemagne by France Gall on Ten Songs for you (BELIEVE – G Records), 2022
  • 4:12pm J’imagine by Valentina on J’imagine (BELIEVE – Play Two), 2020
  • 4:16pm Tic Tac by Enzo on Tic Tac (WMG – PLG France), 2021
  • 4:20pm Tout le bonheur du monde (feat. Inaya) by Kids United on Tout le bonheur du monde (feat. Inaya) (WMG – Play On), 2016
  • 4:25pm Night by Bruno Coulais on The Chorus (Les Choristes) (Varese Sarabande), 2013
  • 4:26pm Non non rien n’a changé by Les Poppys on Absolute Chansons (UMG – Universal Music, a division of Universal International Music BV), 2014
  • 4:34pm La tendresse – Symphonie confinée (feat. Jeanne Chevalier, Leïla Huissoud, Anaïs Bertrand, Louise O’sman, Philippe Géhanne, Bastien Lucas, Sophie Le Cam, Lise Martin, CHOUF, Eric Gombart, Deny Lefrançois, Camille Feist, Garance, Gildas Thomas, Aurél by Valentin Vander on La tendresse – Symphonie confinée (feat. Marjolaine Piémont, Gauvain Sers, Aurélien Merle, Gildas Thomas, Garance, Camille Feist, Deny Lefrançois, Eric Gombart, CHOUF, Lise Martin, Sophie Le Cam, Bastien Lucas, Philippe Géhanne, Louise O’sman, Anaïs (Hé Ouais Mec), 2020
  • 4:40pm Je vole by Carine Mery on Je vole (Dprod), 2016
  • 4:50pm Isabelle Je T’Aime by Les Poppys on Les Annees Barclay (Universal Music), 1995
  • 4:54pm Je vais t’aimer by Michel Sardou on Best of les grands moments (MERLIN – Wrasse Records), 2012
  • 4:59pm Ripple by Alex de Grassi on The Water Garden (Tropo Records), 1998
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