September 4, 2021

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This audio is no longer available.

  • 7:00pm Hard Times Come Again No More by The Chieftains on Voice Of Ages (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.), 2012
  • 7:00pm Cockerel in the Creel by Breabach on The Big Spree (Compass Records), 2008
  • 7:03pm The Whistler At the Wake / The Old Flail / The Butcher’s March by Caitlín & Ciarán on Caitlín & Ciarán (Caitlín & Ciarán), 2015
  • 7:08pm Kick’n the Box by Beoga on Mischief (Compass Records), 2007
  • 7:12pm Arthur McBride and the Sergeant by Paul Brady on The Missing Liberty Tapes (Peebee Music), 2010
  • 7:20pm Lus Na Mbanrion / Cuckanandy / Rince Philib A\\’ Cheoil by Bua on An Spealadóir (Mad River Records), 2009
  • 7:23pm E Kreiz Breizh by Alan Stivell on Au-delà des mots (Keltia III), 2009
  • 7:30pm The Carrion Crow by Norah Rendell on Spinning Yarns (Two Tap Music), 2015
  • 7:39pm Dans Plinn by Kornog on Rough Guide To Celtic Music (Rough Guides/World Music Network), 2007
  • 7:43pm Turning Around by Tim O’Brien on Two Journeys (Sugar Hill Records), 2010
  • 7:47pm Lao Dueng Duen by Matt & Shannon Heaton on Lovers’ Well (Eats Records (eats shoots & leaves records)), 2009
  • 7:51pm Quebec Reels by Oisín McAuley on Far From the Hills of Donegal (Compass Records), 2007
  • 7:51pm On The Road by JUONNE on On The Road (JUONNE), 2014
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