July 31, 2021

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This audio is no longer available.

  • 7:04pm Simon Nally Hunt the Buck by Seamus Egan on Early Bright (Thl Records), 2020
  • 7:09pm 38 & Gone by The Fretless on Bird’s Nest (The Fretless), 2016
  • 7:19pm The Dregs of Birch by Lúnasa on Cas (Lúnasa Records), 2018
  • 7:27pm Factory Girl by Beoga on Mischief (Compass Records), 2007
  • 7:31pm Jazzy Wilbur by Beoga on Mischief (Compass Records), 2007
  • 7:41pm Arthur McBride and the Sergeant by Paul Brady on The Missing Liberty Tapes (Peebee Music), 2010
  • 7:48pm Kas Ha Barh by The Celtic Fiddle Festival on Storm in a Teapot (Loftus Music), 2016
  • 7:56pm Rain and Snow by Mick McAuley on An Ocean’s Breadth (Shanachie), 2005
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