May 19, 2020

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This audio is no longer available.

  • 1:03pm Harvest Moon by Poolside on Pacific Standard Time (Day & Night Recordings), 2012
  • 1:16pm Elbow Beach by Brooke Blair on The Heart, the Echo & the Loop (Brooke Blair), 2012
  • 1:16pm T.I.B.W.F. by The Budos Band on The Budos Band (Daptone Records), 2006
  • 1:24pm The New Neighbor by Emanuel Kallins,Stephen Teller on Real Life Real Secrets (Gotham Music), 2016
  • 1:28pm Un soir chez Norris by Pierre Cavalli on Un soir chez Norris (Evasion 1971) – Single (Evasion Music), 2013
  • 1:34pm Rite of Passage by Kevin MacLeod on Primal Drive (Incompetech), 2014
  • 1:45pm Pavement Cracks by Maff Lewis on Silky Strings Deluxe (MUSIC HOUSE (INTERNATIONAL) LTD), 2009
  • 1:54pm Blue Slacks Slack Key by Brittni Paiva on Hear… (Brittni Paiva Music), 2005
  • 1:56pm Cane: I Togo To Natchitoches by Imani Winds on Terra Incognita (eOne Music), 2010
  • 1:59pm Allegro by Arensky on Harmonia Mundi 50 Years Of Musical Exploration (harmonia mundi), 2007
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